May 20, 2014 10:34 PM

Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PEOPLE StyleWatch offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” This week, we’re all about fun summer finds, like great new shoes, killer summer-perfect pants (like the ones on Suits‘s Meghan Markle!) and a do-good accessory.

Courtesy Nordstrom

Heather Viggiani, Assistant Editor You can’t have enough pairs of stylish flat sandals, right? I mean, you need a pair for outdoor brunch, another pair that go well with a sunset cocktail, another that will amp up a bikini at the beach … the list goes on forever, right? Okay, so maybe some of these occasions don’t warrant their own specific pair of statement-y flats, which is why when I saw this DV by Dolce Vita pair on a few weeks ago, I told myself I’d only buy them if they were just a little bit less expensive. (I already had these much more practical and versatile sandals in my cart.) So I “Hukked” them, then forgot about them. (For those of you not aware, “Hukking” is the act of flagging things you love but can only buy on sale, then being delighted when you find out about that sale. See also: “Bliss.”) Imagine my delight when I got my Hukkster email this weekend! Purchased immediately. Then I spent another 20 minutes on their superaddictive new “Tinder for clothes” app — seriously, you’ve got to try it (though I can’t be held responsible for you wasting half the afternoon).


Meghan Markle, Actress and founder of I adore the bold print of these Piamita pants! I look at them and just feel happy. They are the multi-purpose pant that can be worn running errands with flats and a sweater or dressed up with a killer heel and leather jacket for a night out.

They are so comfortable to wear between filming scenes on the set of Suits, on long flights, or just casually at home when I am writing for my new lifestyle website, The TIG. Also, the black-based floral print is chic and on-trend for the season. #bestpantsever

Meghan Markle is an actress best known for her role on USA’s Suits, and she also just launched a lifestyle website called, which features guest posts from “influencers” including Emmy Rossum and Serena Williams. Check her out there, as well as on Twitter and Instagram!

Courtesy Zoë Ruderman

Zoë Ruderman, Deputy Style and Beauty Director: I sometimes call my boyfriend Imelda Marcos because, in addition to being half-Filipino, he owns a lot of shoes. So when I heard about a new-ish men’s line called Beckett Simonon, which is like the Bonobos of shoes (all online and no middleman so prices are surprisingly low for the high quality), I ordered him a pair. These leather Chukka boots, $149, go with every pair of pants he owns and are the perfect work shoe. And since I can’t have my boyfriend owning more shoes than I do, I obviously went out and got a new pair for myself, too (it’s simple math, people). They’re the Diane von Furstenberg “Jodi” sandals and I’ve had my eye on them for a while, but couldn’t bring myself to spend over $300 to get them. When I came across the designer heels at Marshalls with an under-$150 price tag, I snatched them right up.


Jackie Fields, Writer/Reporter: I have a slight obsession with Claire Danes’s style that pretty much dates back to when I was Nirvana-obsessed teen and she played flannel-wearing Angela Chase on My So Called Life (these days, I pass the time obsessing over how she rocks a midi-length hem like none other).

So a week ago, when I found out that Danes and her makeup artist Matin Maulawizada had teamed up to launch a line of scarves designed by the actress’s mother Carla Danes to benefit the organization Afghan Hands, I had to get my hands on the charitable accessory. I snatched up the cream and gold “Claire” style, which I imagine was inspired by the actress. The $300 price tag was a no-brainer once I discovered that all proceeds go to educating Afghan women. If you’re going to splurge, why not for a good cause?


Bronwyn Barnes, Senior Style Editor: From strapless velour rompers to acid washed overalls, I’ve followed some of the most ill-advised onesie trends. But no matter how many times it has come back into fashion over the years, I have always been fiercely anti-jumpsuit. Thanks to my long torso and long legs, every jumpsuit I’d ever tried on was way too snug in all the wrong places. (I won’t use the crass term for the fashion faux pas, which is named after a certain part of a desert-dwelling dromedary.)

So I’m not sure why I ordered this one from Peter Som’s line for Kohl’s DesignNation, but boy am I glad I did. I went a size up to accommodate my irregular proportions, but I don’t look dumpy thanks to the figure-flattering elastic waistband, tapered leg and surplice neckline. I did ditch the matching black wide sash that comes with it in favor of a more waist-defining Zara chain belt. I got so many compliments the first couple of times I wore it I went back to get another one, only to discover that it’s now 40% off. I’d like to thank Mr. Som for helping me learn to love the jumpsuit.

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