June 19, 2013 07:00 PM

What are we buying this week? What aren’t we buying? Below, we rounded up a few of the things we found so irresistible, we had to buy them — and share them with you.

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Courtesy of Dabney Lee

Style Director Andrea Lavinthal: My BFF recently got engaged, and I wanted to send her and her new fiancé a special gift that wasn’t on her registry, so I custom designed a lucite tray with their names at Dabney Lee.

The pattern, color and monogram options are kind of overwhelming (the image on the right is just one of many, many variations), which is why I spent well over an hour playing around with different combos until I settled on one that felt like a good complement to their apartment and personal styles. I really think they’re going to love it way more than the 4-piece steak knife set they registered for.

Courtesy Pacifica

Senior Style Editor Zoë Ruderman: Perhaps this post should be retitled, What We’re Buying — in Bulk. Because I’ve been going through these Pacifica towelettes faster than any other product in my medicine cabinet. You might be wondering to yourself, how many makeup-removing wipes can one girl use in a day?

Well, yesterday I used five. One for its intended purpose (to remove my makeup before bed), two to run over my arms and legs in lieu of perfume because the smell is so incredible and summery, one to wipe down the bathroom sink (see previous comment about amazing scent) and one I threw in my empty suitcase before storing it in the closet to replace the dirty laundry smell with the fragrance of coconuts. (Oh, and I think my boyfriend used one too.) Gotta go order more…

Courtesy Levis

Associate Style Editor Brittany Talarico: True story: Five StyleWatch editors walked into a meeting today wearing a denim jacket. I’ve been on the market for a new topper since last summer when I left my favorite one in a Florida hotel. (I’m still trying to track it down.) Luckily, I finally found the perfect replacement: this Levi’s Authentic Trucker jacket.

I went for the dark “Silent Scandal” shade (badass name, right?) because it looks perfect on top of almost every summer dress I own. (P.S. I’m wearing it right now with a white lace skirt, solid tank and wedges!) And for the price ($78), I might have to shell out for the lighter shade as well.

Tell us: What are you buying lately?

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