By anniedaly
Updated August 28, 2013 08:18 PM

Last week, we decided that we didn’t want to hog the spending spotlight and only fill you in on what we’re buying–so from now on, we’re going to feature a “guest buyer” in addition to our editors. Our first guest? Dana Weiss, the amazing fashion blogger behind Check out what she and our editors are buying this week–and click through to pick the items up for yourself.

H&M striped shirt

Courtesy Dana Weiss

Dana Weiss, Possessionista: I’m kind of a scarf hoarder. Whether it’s a bad hair day, or a cold movie, I generally have a scarf in my bag to address any forseeable fashion emergency. Basically, I’m the MacGyver of scarves.

In particular, I’m a fan of fashionABLE, a line of scarves made by Ethiopian women. The premise behind fashionABLE is creating sustainable business in Ethiopia, where very few opportunities exist for women outside of prostitution. fashionABLE creates alternative means of employment for women in Ethiopia, and all the profit from fashionABLE goes toward rehabilitating former prostitutes, weaning them off drugs, providing shelter, medical care, job training, and a stable means of income. Which means these scarves don’t just warm your neck; they warm your heart.

I had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia last month
and visit with the women of fashionABLE. Each scarf is named for one of the women in the program (to date, there are 83). Each scarf comes with an “able” statement ranging from being “able” to feel pride, to being “able” to put her son in school. I love knowing that looking fashionable can be so much more than just a fashion statement. It’s also a social statement. Which is always in style.

Check out the new fall collection–and fashionABLE’s first foray into leather goods–which includes a leather clutch I simply can’t live without. (Okay, I’m a clutch hoarder, too.) It’ll be available in early September at

Michael Kors perfume

Courtesy Annie Daly

Annie Daly, News Editor: I’m officially the new girl around the office–my first day was on Monday! So naturally, I spent all of last week prepping for my new job, aka treating myself to things I still can’t really afford, but justifying my purchases because I got a new job and therefore deserve it. Obviously.

My best buy was a shiny new bottle of my favorite perfume ever, Michael Kors—I love it because it’s flowery and light, but not too girlie, either. (Please note how I did not drop any sort of corny “just like me” line. You’re welcome.)

Anyway! The other reason I get down with this scent is that other people like it, too, which basically means that you’re bettering society every time you wear it. Exhibit A: My cab driver. The very night I bought the bottle, I spritzed it on and hopped into a taxi, and my guy goes, “Oh! You smell so nice. What are you wearing?” I reported that it was Michael Kors, and then he told me that I have good taste, especially because “so many women come in here and smell awful and I have to roll the windows down!” So if you want to do the cab drivers of NYC and elsewhere a favor, go MK. And if you ever need any help justifying any of your “necessary” purchases, hit me up.

H&M striped shirt


Alex Apatoff, Contributor: Actually, this is “what we’re replacing” for me this week. After seeing every celebrity under the sun rocking a pair of these (seriously: The list of fans includes Selena Gomez, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, and more), I finally caved and got myself a pair of big-girl glasses, swearing that I wouldn’t leave them in a cab.

So now that I’ve left them in a cab, I was debating whether I should get another pair, and it honestly didn’t take long to decide. Every friend who’s tried them on looks amazing in them — they’re like the sisterhood of the traveling sunglasses. They’re flattering on everyone, comfy, come in a genius leather case that takes up zero extra space in my purse and sadly, they’re worth having to go on a ramen-only diet for a few days. A girl has to have priorities.

Tell us: What are you buying lately?