See what editors are adding to their closets right now

It’s no big secret that editors love to shop. This week, we’re showing off the latest things we loved so much, we couldn’t keep them to ourselves.

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Courtesy Urban Outfitters

News Editor Alex Apatoff: Our recent snowstorm wrecked my black flats, so when I went to replace them, I decided to spite the weather and go for something super-springy.

These Madewell “Tearose” skimmers are on sale for $69.50 (and the whole site is 25% off) so I couldn’t resist treating myself to a pair. Now I just need spring to arrive before these flats do.

Rent the Runway dress

Courtesy Rent the Runway

Senior Style Editor Zoë Ruderman: OK, I didn’t actually buy this $398 Trina Turk dress (apartment rent is due next week and the four hundy should really go toward that), but I did borrow it! After getting an invitation to the fancy Fashion 2.0 Awards, I immediately went to my go-to dress site, Rent the Runway, which loans out designer creations for a fraction of the price. This sequined mini set me back just $65, plus, I didn’t have to make room for yet another black dress in my already stuffed closet … then feel guilty above having dropped so much money on an item that I only wore a few times.

I’ve used RTR for black-tie events in the past and I plan to hit up the site for all the weddings I have this summer. It’s crazy convenient to use and they send you two sizes for the price of one to guarantee you get a dress that fits you well. (They’ve also added a new, useful feature where you can see photos of real women wearing the dresses and read their comments.)