What We're Buying: Mixed-Metal Jewelry

See the budget-friendly necklaces, earrings and bracelets that PEOPLE StyleWatch editors fell for

First we brought you an amazing lotion, next it was the boho-chic celeb-inspired wrap bracelets, and this week, we’re hooking you up with a gorgeous set of handcrafted jewelry from emerging designer Karen London. Check out the creations in the latest clip from our exciting partnership with video e-tailer Joyus:

We fell for these handcrafted designs as soon as we saw the video on Joyus, and we fell even harder when we test-drove the pieces. We love gold, rose gold and silver in equal parts so we’re grateful to Karen London for saving us from making the tough choice of choosing between them by combining all three shades into one piece. (You know what that means: you can wear these with everything in your jewelry box.)

You can nab our favorite pieces — the short “Mix It Up” necklace and the set of three “Mix It Up” bangles — for less than $100, and almost everything else in the collection, including the hand-carved wood necklace and earrings with hammered brass studs, has a two-figure price tag as well.

Speaking from experience, we can safely say this jewelry falls under the category of “guy-hot,” too. We think the fact that the necklaces and bracelets almost look like they’re constructed out of hardware (don’t they kinda look like bolts?) makes them appealing to the male population. In other words, reach for this before your next date.

These are hot items on Joyus’s site, so we’d recommend snatching them up before it’s too late. Better get a move on since we’ve heard quite a few PEOPLE editors talking about buying them …

–Zoë Ruderman


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