By Alex Apatoff
Updated October 20, 2016 06:56 PM
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Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PeopleStyle offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” We love to share our absolute can’t-miss picks in our gallery, What We’re Loving Right Now — and now Jenny Cipoletti, founder of Margo & Me, is sharing her new favorite top.

Credit: Courtesy Jenny Cipoletti

Jenny Cipoletti, founder of Margo & Me: ““Bold ruffles are definitely here to stay. Whether they’re framing your face, accentuating the hips, or falling off the shoulder so perfectly, they are definitely a dramatic, statement piece. They don’t need too many accessories because they do all the talking! But there are so many unique ways to feature the ruffle. I absolutely loved this Johanna Ortiz top from Net-A-Porter. The Asymmetrical neckline’s nod to the 80’s is trés chic when paired with structural ruffles. It doesn’t hurt that this look was featured on so many different catwalks this season! Opt for an interesting neckline to make your ruffles pop!

Ruffled looks are often associated with summertime and breezy, warm-weather dresses. But as we transition into fall, I don’t want you to think that you have to pack away all your beautiful blouses and dresses! Ruffles aren’t just for spring! Layering plays a key role in so many stylish fall looks and by playing with a variety of different pieces, you can bring a whole new approach to the ruffle.”

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