What We're Buying: Flirty Dresses, Cool-Girl Boots and More

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What are we buying this week? What aren’t we buying? Below, we rounded up a few of the things we found so irresistible, we had to buy them — and share them with you.

Urban Outfitters white dress

Courtesy of Elizabeth Carmona

Associate Editor Elizabeth Carmona: I recently celebrated my 30th birthday and had zero clue what I wanted to wear. Did I want to go glam? A little flirty? More laid back? I took a trip to Urban Outfitters, and it was there that I saw the perfect dress—a little white number with an eyelet top, open back and breezy pleated skirt. Instant love fest.

I also knew that, in white, I wouldn’t melt in the scorching N.Y.C. weather we’ve been experiencing. The dress was a major hit at my party and it photographed beautifully. (My only task was to make sure I didn’t spill anything all over it, which I somehow managed to avoid.) The dress is part of Urban Outfitter’s Cooperative brand and can be found — on sale! — here.

Courtesy of BCBG

Courtesy BCBG

Writer-Reporter Jackie Fields: “Shop ’til you drop” has never been a motto of mine. When I step foot in a store, especially one that’s colossal and chock-full of temptation (I’m talking about you, Barneys!), I have a targeted mission. Admittedly, this is an unadventurous approach to stocking my closet, but it has saved me a lot of precious time and headaches with my Visa.

This season, I’d been able to ignore every item I whisked past, until this beautifully pleated white floor-length skirt by BCBG stopped me in my tracks. It’s more than my obsession du jour — it’s so insanely cute and versatile, I think I’ve figured out a way to wear it 24/7 with a rotation of great tops.

So far, this surprise find has been worth every penny. I’m even contemplating picking up the same skirt in black because the free-flowing fabric will make this the perfect transition piece this fall!

Frye Boots

Courtesy Tkees

Associate Editor Brittany Talarico: I was visiting my family at the Jersey Shore this weekend, which usually involves a post-beach trip to Marshalls. (Because who doesn’t love bargain shopping with their Mom!)

And the trip was well worth it. I hit the jackpot with this pair of Frye ankle boots. The best part? They were half-off the retail price. Plus, I got a jumpstart on my fall wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear them with a long maxi skirt or skinny jeans when the weather cools down in N.Y.C.

Tell us: What are you buying lately?

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