See the fashionable finds our editors just can't live without

By Alex Apatoff
Updated August 20, 2013 07:30 PM

We may not be going back to school, but as September approaches, we just can’t fight that old urge to refresh our wardrobes. Below, check out the adorable items our editors couldn’t resist — and click through to pick them up for yourself.

Credit: Courtesy of Gilt

Courtesy Gilt

Alex Apatoff, Contributor: I’m in the process of packing up my apartment for a cross-country move, and if there’s one thing I’ve discovered, it’s that I definitely don’t need one more pair of shoes. And yet, here we are. I spotted these Ava & Aiden wedges on Gilt the other day and realized that they filled this very specific void in my footwear collection: The extremely necessary, oh-so-classic black-pump-with-gold-wedge-shaped hole in my life.

They’re not budget breakers (just $89) and they’re even cuter in person. The gold is vibrant and the shape is great. And, following my coworker Brittany’s advice, I will not be wearing them with tights this fall. Unless it really is as cold in San Francisco as I keep hearing, in which case, all fashion sense is going down the drain.

Courtesy Zoë Ruderman

Zoë Ruderman, Senior Style Editor: I’m not really an expensive bag kind of girl. I just can’t justify spending that kind of money on an accessory rather than a plane ticket. (I once bought a $190 purse at a sample sale and the saleswoman had to practically pull my credit card out of my hand.) Which is why it’s always nice to receive a fancy bag as a present! That’s exactly what happened when I celebrated a big birthday a couple weeks ago.

A (very generous) friend gifted me this big-girl handbag from Henri Bendel for my 30th. I like it because it feels decidedly more ladylike and adult than anything in my current collection. When I sling it over my shoulder, I feel like I’m telling the world, ‘I may not have a husband, kids, a mortgage, a car, a book club, a couch that didn’t come from Ikea, a landline or a clue as to how 401ks work, but I am an adult because look at my bag.’ Never you mind that I’m currently using it to tote around a dirty Tupperware, a half-eaten granola bar and a YA book.


Whitney Little, Associate Producer and Kiran Hefa, Assistant Editor: Hi, our names are Whitney and Kiran, and we have an addiction to H&M’s fall collection. Our obsession reached a new level over the weekend when we both walked out of the store with this navy-and-white striped blouse, so naturally we decided to have an inner-office Fashion Faceoff.

Whitney styled hers with skinny jeans, white pumps and minimal accessories, while Kiran went for what we like to call “the full Kardashian:” black liquid leather leggings and statement jewelry (her collar necklace is from staffer-loved BaubleBar).

We’d ask who wore it best, but we’re both so happy with our purchase we’d rather just say we’re all winners (cheese alert!). Alex brilliantly suggested pairing the top with a colorful pencil skirt, so it looks like another trip to H&M is in the near future. But we can stop anytime. Really.

Tell us: What are you buying lately?