July 30, 2013 10:11 PM

What are we buying this week? What aren’t we buying? Below, we rounded up a few of the things we found so irresistible, we had to buy them — and share them with you.

Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff

Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor: I’ve worn my five-year-old dove-gray Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Mini nearly to shreds, so I’ve been searching high and low for a neutral bag to supplement it in my wardrobe and help prolong its lifespan.

It seemed silly to buy another gray bag when I love the one I have so much, so I’ve been combing the internet for the perfect brown satchel. Some are too cowboy-esque, others too dark and still others a really unappealing shade of brown. And when I found the right color, it would be the wrong shape — too slouchy for work, too structured for play.

I was about to give up hope when I realized the answer was right under my nose. I went to the Rebecca Minkoff website and — lo and behold — there was my dream brown bag. Yes, it’s another M.A.B. Mini, but I say (and Andrea agrees), when you’ve got a good thing going, why ruin it?

Courtesy April Soderstrom

Andrea Lavinthal, Style Director: The last time I spent more than $200 on a piece of jewelry for myself was never. All of my real gems have been gifts and my costume bling comes from a mix of N.Y.C. street vendors, BaubleBar and J.Crew when they’re having a major sale.

But when I saw this April Soderstrom statement pendant, with its eye-catching tiger eye and iron center stone, rhinestone detail and vintage steel copper chain, I was more than willing to make the investment.

I’ve only had the necklace for a week and I’ve already worn it to work with my favorite black Joie dress, to a birthday party with a feather-print strapless dress from Club Monaco (sounds like a weird pairing, but it looked awesome) and to brunch with a gray tank top and cutoffs. And whenever someone says, “I LOVE your necklace,” (which is often), I deduct $20 from the original price.

Courtesy Tkees

Zoë Ruderman, Senior Style Editor: The dishes you see at left are my white whale: I’ve been searching for them forever. A few years ago, I saw a similarly gorgeous set in a crazy-expensive home goods store. Each piece featured a different sea animal in metallic paint, but the dinner plates cost something ridiculous like $45 each. I sighed to my boyfriend Kris, “Well, we can always put them on our wedding registry.” (Unengaged men love to hear this sort of thing, FYI.)

Recently, I was visiting my parents on Cape Cod and spent an overcast afternoon in T.J. Maxx. That’s when I saw them: my Moby Dick. The exact set (or a very similar set) I had been coveting for years.

We couldn’t find four of each item in the same color, so we decided to mix silver and gold. (Hey, if it works for jewelry, it works for dishes.) And each piece cost under $5! Now I can put the cash I saved toward ordering in four nights a week. (Mom, if you’re reading this — that was a joke. I cook every night.)

Tell us: What are you buying lately?

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