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Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PEOPLE StyleWatch offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” This week, we’ve found cute going-out attire and a skin-clearing scrub we adore.

Credit: Courtesy Lindsi/Fast Lane

Courtesy Lindsi

Lindsi Lane, “In the Fast Lane” blogger: This Alexis lace crop top has become a signature staple in my closet. Alexis makes such incredible clothing, it’s hard not to want everything when I see them! This crop top is super sexy but can be dressed down too, as I did here with a slouchy, floral pant. Other great pairings would be with high-waisted skirts or even a cute pair of denim cutoffs for an even more casual,cool look. Super versatile, sexy, and chic? Yup, I just had to have it!

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J Brand shirt

Courtesy Brittany Talarico

Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor: I’d love to be the person who is always well prepared for party outfits, but instead, I’m the person who is always rushing to find something to wear the day of. No matter how hard I try to pick things out ahead of time, I always end up scrambling. That’s how I stumbled upon this romper for my friend Loni’s bachelorette party (she’s the brunette). With hours to go before our dinner reservation (followed by a night of ’90s music and dancing) I spotted the hot-pink printed onesie in the “Aqua” department of Bloomingdales. The bright color and short cut felt perfect for a bachelorette, and it’s super comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available online, but it’s still in stores, so if you find yourself shopping Bloomies’ Fourth of July sale, it might be worth trying on. (Best part: It’s under a hundy.)

Origins Ginzing scrub

Courtesy Origins

Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor: I’ve made no secret about how lazy I am when it comes to washing my face. But I keep trying to convince myself that perhaps it’s not a moral failing on my part — it’s just the result of using the wrong products, or something. So when I went to check out the complete makeover of the Origins store in San Francisco, I somehow got seduced by the chic new decor and all the gorgeous plants and fun samples and ended up walking out with a tube of the “Ginzing” face scrub.

It smells so good. It works really well. My skin is smooth and glowy today. It makes me feel more relaxed instantly (which I know is not the point of it, but citrus is my happy smell, so go with it). In fact, I think this might be the product that gets me to wash my face, like, two times a week instead of my usual point-five.