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By anniedaly
Updated September 18, 2013 08:44 PM
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It’s officially fall: The air is crisp, Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes and we’re shopping for our back-to-school wardrobes. Never mind that most of us haven’t gone “back to school” for quite a few years. We still get the itch to refresh our closets this time of year. Check out how three editors are doing that and find out what this week’s guest contributor (DIY queen Erica Domesek and author of the new book
P.S.-You’re Invited
) just nabbed for herself.

Courtesy Erica Domesek

Erica Domesek, DIY expert and author: I wanted something that was super-girlie and classic to wear to my book launch party. [Editors’ note: Her book came out Sept. 10 and it’s as amazing as this dress.]

So I got this Donna Karan dress. Donna cuts for a woman and always makes you feel like a lady! Plus, I love the delicate sheer neckline and arms, and the fit-and-flare style, which feels refined and sexy at the same time. I also can’t wait to wear this dress with tights and bright heels over the winter!

Courtesy Calypso

Zoë Ruderman, Senior Style Editor: I’ve been walking around with credit to Calypso in my wallet for two years, going into the store every few months and waiting for something to speak to me. And while I was in the brand’s Upper West Side outpost a couple weeks ago, something spoke to me: this gorgeous silk dress with flutter sleeves and gold sequins and beads at the collar and down the sides.

When it spoke, it said, “Zoë, take out that store credit and buy me. You can wear me all Indian Summer long and then you can wear me with brown tights and booties in the fall. After that, you can wear me when you take your private jet to St. Barth’s this winter.” (I didn’t feel like correcting the dress and telling it that I don’t have a private jet or plans to go to the Caribbean.)

Courtesy East Dane

Jackie Fields, Writer-Reporter: After Whitney and Annie wrote about their recent leather skirt purchases from Zara, I was inspired to get on board. I’m really into the idea of knits with leather (real or faux) accents and details like this Forever 21 top with second-skin sleeves.

It comes off as more classic than trendy, meaning I’ll be able to wear it beyond just this season. And I love that I can throw this light top on now, as it’s still a bit too warm to wear my heavier full-leather pieces.

Between Whitney, Annie and me, it’s gonna be all leather all the time in the offices. How about I take Mondays and Wednesdays and you guys take Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays? Cool?

Courtesy Brooklyn Industries

Annie Daly, News Editor: Yes, Jackie, cool! But speaking of my skirt collection, I realized the other day that I have a problem. I now have more skirts than I know what to do with, but not enough tops to go with them.

With this predicament in mind, I hit Brooklyn Industries after brunch last Saturday to try to find some outfit-completers. Enter: this lovely striped shirt. I went for it immediately because it’s cute and soft (necessary shirt components), and I can wear it with all of my black and navy skirts.

Are you getting the back-to-school shopping itch too? What are you buying to scratch that itch?

–Annie Daly