If you're feeling lazy after New Year's, here's how to look cute while staying chill!

By jencress
January 04, 2013 11:30 PM


Christmas is over. The ball has dropped. It’s 2013. And we are officially exhausted from a season filled with holiday parties. Which is why we plan to spend Saturday night on our couches, with one of our favorite accessories in hand: the remote.


And while it’s tempting to wear a full sweatsuit, we found an outfit that’s way cuter and just as comfy. Okay, almost as comfy. We’ll be vegging in front of the TV in a look inspired by Miranda Kerr‘s laid-back outfit.

Kerr opted for a cozy yellow sweater (we found one we love from J. Crew that’s on sale for $39.99) and washed out skinny jeans (like this stretchy pair — basically just like leggings! — from Forever 21 for $19.80).

So, if someone texts you an invite to a can’t-be-missed party and you get a case of FOMO, you’ll be ready to go. But we promise we won’t judge if you skip the fiesta and stick to your original sofa-and-Netflix plans. Tell us: What do you think of Kerr’s outfit?

–Jennifer Cress