The actors dish on their hopes for the top-secret, maybe-happening nuptials

By Kate Hogan
Updated May 03, 2012 01:00 PM

Adam Rose/FOX

Jayma Mays is busy planning a wedding — but technically, it’s not her own. “I’m very excited for ‘Wemma,’ Will and Emma, to be together,” she told PEOPLE of her and Matthew Morrison’s
alter egos. “It’s been three seasons, so enough is enough!”

Speaking to PEOPLE at a Glee screening in North Hollywood Tuesday, Mays said she envisions a basic wedding dress for her character. “Emma is a very simple girl, so it has to be clean, and it needs to be simple,” she shared.

It needs to be new, too; as Mays pointed out, “This will be the fourth or fifth wedding dress that she’s worn on the show.”

Though the Glee crew hasn’t started the hunt for the perfect gown yet, Mays said that in the past, the process has always been fun. “Nothing will ever top picking your own wedding dress, but there is something exciting about picking one out for a character,” she shared. “You can be a little bit sillier, or a little bit crazier than you would be in real life.”

While Mays’s wedding day ideas are pretty par for the course, Morrison envisions things a bit differently. “I think it would be Saran Wrap everywhere,” he joked, referring to Emma’s OCD. “I’m picturing some large, inflatable bubble that everyone can go into and keep the bad air out.”

And for his outfit? Why not a hazmat tuxedo? “Yes,” he laughed, “that would be awesome.” Tell us: Do you want to see Will and Emma get married? What should they wear?

–Reporting by Reagan Alexander