April 26, 2012 01:00 PM

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You’re probably already a bit stoked to see The Five-Year Engagement this weekend, but drooling over Jason Segel isn’t the only reason to buy a ticket; the fashion is pretty great, too.

“It was fantastic,” costume designer Leesa Evans tells PEOPLE of her time on set. “And what made it so fun was the fact that Emily Blunt and Alison Brie both love fashion so much, too.”

In the film, the actresses play sisters Violet and Suzie, two British transplants with very different style sensibilities. “Leesa really wanted to create something very singular for Violet,” Blunt says. “She likes vintage shops … doesn’t have that much money. [She wore] stuff she found in a thrift store that she’d tailor and alter.”

Brie’s character is a bit more free-spirited. “She had a lot of great fashion moments,” the actress recalls. “It was a lot of accessories … bright leggings. I feel like every outfit I was in we had some crazy tights happening.”

Evans pulled looks from Chloé and Stella McCartney for Blunt, and Sonia Rykiel and Vanessa Bruno for Brie (plus lots of vintage pieces, like a Pierre Cardin sweater and suede Christian Louboutin boots, for each). “I wanted Suzie to feel like she held onto her British heritage even more than Violet,” Evans explains.

And though both actresses agree that there are three dresses in particular that stand out most (we won’t reveal which!), Evans thinks the wardrobes came together beautifully in part because of their wearers.

“Sometimes when you start trying things on, something stands out as so perfect and so special,” Evans explains. “And we all start to have so much excitement about having created this person we feel is real.” Catch The Five-Year Engagement in theaters Friday.

–Kate Hogan


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