The actress doesn't love lipstick or gloss, but never leaves home without mascara

By Kate Hogan
Updated April 11, 2012 07:00 PM

Birdie Thompson/AdMedia/Sipa

According to celebrity makeup artist Amy Nadine, every star has a beauty ‘thing.’ “Lauren Conrad won’t wear eye shadow, Rachel Bilson always has to have black on the inside of her eyes,” she told reporters recently. “So when I met Krysten [Ritter] I was like, ‘What are your things?'”

Turns out, the of-the-moment actress hates lipstick and lip gloss — she only wears lip balm. So Nadine was challenged to find the perfect product for her client: one that offered color and moisture — and couldn’t be characterized as lipstick or gloss. The answer? Tarte’s LipSurgence lip stain.

“I bought every color for her,” Nadine recalled at a screening of Ritter’s new film, L!fe Happens, in New York this week. “And I pretty much wear them every day,” the actress added.

Nadine headed up the makeup department for the movie — written by Ritter and her best friend Kat Coiro and shot in just 17 days — and used her Tarte products on the film’s stars, Kate Bosworth, Bilson and Ritter. “That’s all I used for lips in this entire film,” she shared.

But Ritter’s look goes beyond perfecting her pout; the actress also said she’s into enhancing her eyes.

“In everyday life I love mascara. I love big lashes; that’s my favorite look,” she admitted. And maybe for superstitious reasons as much as cosmetic motives: as she joked, “If you leave the house without mascara, something bad will happen.” Tell us: What are your makeup must-haves?