By Sarah Kinonen
Updated February 19, 2016 04:29 PM

Robyn Lawley may be famous for showing off her gorgeous curves while wearing gorgeous bikinis in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, but the Australian beauty says she’s not thinking about being glam while posing.

Robyn Lawley Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

James Macari/Sports Illustrated

“Modeling is pretty much 99 percent of the time uncomfortable,” she tells PeopleStyle of shooting, citing her unpleasant experience of posing on a rock for hours. But she does have a strategy for keeping her mind off things. “I think about my sweatpants that I’ll be wearing that are so comfortable afterwards. I always dress most comfortable to a shoot because when you finish it, you just want to put your sweatpants on and your T-shirt and you’re like — this is heaven, actual heaven.”

That said, the six-three, size 12 beauty is quick to clarify that she’s got a pretty cushy gig. “It’s not every day,” she says of modeling. “You get days off, and you also travel a lot. And, I mean god, it’s not like curing cancer!”

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The new mom also recently launched her own swimwear brand, after finding it impossible to score a bikini that fit her properly. “I used to wear underwear bottoms — regular underwear. Because I hated (bikinis) cutting into me, and I could never find ones that fit,” she says of starting her own line.

Because Lawley now has “truckloads” of her own suits, she finds herself the lucky recipient of a very different kind of takeaway from the SI set.

“I get given shoes a lot because they always outsource giant shoes for me and they’re like — oh no one else is going to have this big size, here you go! I’m like — thanks guys,” she jokes of her size eleven feet.

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–Becky Randel