Sarah Kinonen
December 15, 2015 07:39 PM

If you’re hoping to get the gift of glam this holiday season, you’re not alone. Julianne Hough has asked Santa Claus (and her closest friends and family!) for a few makeup must-haves from Birchbox, and she’s spilling her beauty wish list with PeopleStyle, along details on her new hairstyle for 2016 and what she’s learned from launching her own blog,

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Which new-to-you Birchbox products are you hoping see under the tree?
“A few of the products I was already using, such as the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and the beautyblender egg. However, I didn’t have the travel size for the Oribe hairspray, so I ordered one of those for myself! It was fun browsing around the site because I did discover some products I’d never seen before, like the BKR glass water bottle, Jouer Shimmering Lip Trio and Umbra Prisma Frame, to name a few.”

So does that mean you’ll be gifting all your friends and fam something from Birchbox?
“This is actually my first time using Birchbox! I can’t wait to give out the gift subscriptions to my friends and family. I know they’ll all find something that they love.”

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Rumor is you’re obsessed with changing up your nail color. Are you an at-home mani pro?
“I wish I could say that I was! Unfortunately, most of the time I do go to the nail salon. They just do a much better job than I could [laughs]. My main colors are either a dark purple-ish black, a nude pink or orange-y red. But depends what mood I’m in!”

You’ve also changed up your hair in a major way this year when you got a pixie. Will it be making a comeback in 2016?
“When I first cut my hair and it was extra short, and I learned that I was better off using men’s hair products! My brother Derek and I actually got ours mixed up a few times when we were on our tour together. But as for 2016, I’m growing it long.”

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It’s been an exciting year for you. You got engaged and launched a blog. What’s the biggest takeaway from the blog?
“I’ve learned a ton! Every day I have something different on the site, whether it be beauty, style, home decor, inspiration, etc., so I’ve actually learned a lot of the recent trends in all these categories.

But the thing I’ve learned the most is about my readers. It’s such an amazing way to interact with them and get to know them on a more intimate level. They leave the most thoughtful comments and feedback. It’s been awesome.”

What are your most stand-out beauty moments of 2016?
“As far as memorable beauty moments go, I really loved my looks on Dancing with the Stars this season, from the styling to makeup to hair, my glam team and I had a really fun season.”

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–Sarah Kinonen, with reporting by Alex Apatoff

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