September 10, 2014 06:13 PM

Vogue‘s “73 Questions” series is doing a serious service for the world, bringing us inside the lives of stars about whose lives we always wonder (Sarah Jessica Parker! Blake Lively!) And today they’re taking that even further into uncharted territory, cornering the elusive Vogue EIC Anna Wintour. Want to know what her Conde Nast office looks like? Done. What time she wakes up in the morning? Sure! What she’s reading right now? You get the picture.

Walking briskly through the designer-gown-lined halls of the Vogue offices, Wintour gamely answers questions about her daily life and her likes and dislikes (spoiler: tuberoses are good, but broccoli? Bad). She reveals that she woke up at 5:00 that morning and has Starbucks for breakfast. She’s an avid tennis fan and was able to quickly name both her favorite match of all time and her dream tennis partners (Serena Williams for doubles and Roger Federer for mixed doubles). If she were able to make a documentary, she says it would be about the sport. And while we love to hear personal miscellany, her views on fashion are much more, well, à la mode.

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Interestingly, the word that Wintour hopes leaves the vocabulary of fashionistas everywhere isn’t “fierce,” or “die” (as in “I die”), but “journey.” When she bumps into supermodel (and current Vogue cover girl) Karlie Kloss doing a fitting in the fashion closet, she answers Kloss’s questions about whether she favors leather or lace (lace) or polka dots or stripes (“Both!”). As for something she’d never wear? “Head-to-toe black,” which she also says is not something you’d find in the mag’s September issue.

While Wintour’s lifestyle might be tough to emulate (she wears sunglasses indoors and looks good doing it), there is at least one of her answers that we can definitely relate to: She says that Hugh Jackman is her favorite action star. Yes, Anna, we love Hugh too!

Are you surprised by her answers? How badly do you want to visit her office? Tell us below!

–Catherine Kast


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