May 15, 2012 03:00 PM

Courtesy French Connection; Inset: Bauer-Griffin

We know what Kate will be wearing this summer! The Duchess of Cambridge returned to one of her favorite London shopping spots — King’s Road — on Saturday, stopping by retailer Jaeger before popping into a nearby French Connection store. While there, she picked up a winter silk vest top (left, on sale in the U.K.) in the cool blue “Iceberg” hue.

“She was very polite. She keeps to herself,” a store employee tells PEOPLE. “She was chatting to one of my colleagues in the fitting room, asking her opinion about something.”

The sales clerk noticed two men with the Duchess — bodyguards, perhaps — but says onlookers left her alone. “Some customers did notice her, although I didn’t at first,” the clerk adds.

After trying the top in two sizes — “She didn’t ask anyone to fetch it for her, she just seemed to want to be low key,” the employee says — the Duchess paid and left the store. “She was very cheery, very smiley,” the clerk shares.

Days before her April 2011 wedding, Kate visited the same stretch of shops, grabbing honeymoon-appropriate dresses at Warehouse and Banana Republic. In February, she returned to the area for an appointment at one of her favorite spots, the Richard Ward hair salon. Her casual shopping trip comes on the heels of a very glamorous week of London events.

–Reporting by Monique Jessen


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