January 10, 2013 12:30 AM

Michael Simon/Startraks

Nope, not the skin-tight sparkly country getups. And not the skyscraper stage-ready shoes. The very first thing Connie Britton ditches following a long day of shooting are her fake eyelashes.

, I’m definitely wearing more makeup than I ever have on anything else I’ve ever worked on,” she tells PEOPLE. “Those fake eyelashes and all that stuff on my eyes, I can’t leave it on. It has to come off.” In fact, her preferred beauty look is pretty much the opposite of her character’s. “I like to be as low-maintenance as possible,” she adds.

That’s not to say Britton hasn’t picked up any pointers from the makeup artists on the show. Ever since she started working with them on the Nashville set, she’s been focused on keeping her skin hydrated, something she wasn’t as diligent about before. “[The makeup artists] are all about hydration,” she says. “I’ve been a little bit more obsessive about moisture.”

So, what does Britton use on her complexion to keep it so hydrated and flawless? That remains a mystery! Not because the actress wouldn’t tell us, but because she couldn’t: “I literally cannot pronounce most of what I put on my face, but it works!”

You can watch Britton in a new episode of Nashville Wednesday night on ABC at 10 p.m. ET. Tell us: Do you wear a lot of makeup like Britton’s character?

–Jennifer Cress


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