What Are Your Commuting Shoes?

CAD/Fame Pictures

Every morning, no matter how put-together our work outfit is, we almost always ruin it with our commute-friendly footwear. Right now, we’re bundling up with soft-soled tall boots (or even Uggs on the chilliest N.Y.C. days). We simply couldn’t make the trek to work any other way. Of course, once we’re there, we swap the sensible shoes for some stylish heels, but we can’t help but envy the women who seem to effortlessly wear their stilettos through their morning commute. And then there are the women, like Jessica Biel, who make flat-soled shoes look spectacular any time of day. Tell us: What kind of shoes do you wear on your commute? Do you wear your high heels? Do you change once you get into work?

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