Peek inside Wendy Williams' epic new on-set closet plus score killer fashion secrets from her stylist

Get ready to experience serious wardrobe envy. Wendy Williams has a brand new closet on the set of her talk show and it is epic. When we got a glimpse of her massive shoe stash and endless dress collection, we had to catch up with the TV personality and her stylist Memsor to get the scoop.

Wendy Williams Closet

Anders Krusberg/The Wendy Williams Show

Fun fact: Williams actually moved into Tyra Banks’s former studio, so of course the closet in there used to belong to Banks too. First on their to-do list after the move was a fresh coat of paint. “The paint and lighting were terrible! We painted everything white and swapped out all the yellow light bulbs for white ones,” Memsor says, explaining, “When everything is white you can really see how colors look on you. It’s the best way to tell the difference between a tomato red and a cherry red.”

Next up: a Container Store makeover. They created a custom shelving and drawer system that maxed out every inch of space (seriously — there’s even drawers hidden behind the drawers and shelves hidden behind the shelves) and is “easy enough for a 7-year-old to navigate” according to Memsor.


Once we heard about all the ways they had renovated, we couldn’t resist learning about all the amazing contents within the closet. Shoe-wise, they’ve almost filled up the shelving capacity with more than 200 pairs. And amongst all of the gorgeous pumps, platforms, flats and boots, Williams’s all-time-favorite shoe is the Manolo Blahnik BB 100mm pump. They have every combination available because Williams can always rely on them “to fit perfectly and look great.” But that’s not to say she’s not also well-stocked with other lust-worthy shoe designers (like dozens of Christian Louboutins, YSLs and more!).

Her go-to clothing designer is Diane von Furstenberg. “I hate to be biased and give credit to one person, but I am going to say, when all else fails, [go with] a DVF wrap-dress, skirt, blouse or sweater. She just knows a woman’s body and she gets it right,” Williams says.

They also spilled some fabulous styling tips that we just had to share: You know how button-down blouses and cardigans can gap in the front (especially if you’re full-busted)? They have cardigans stitched shut to be pulled over Williams’s head, and for button-up shirts, they sew the front shut and add a zipper (!) in the back.

And their trick for making flats look less frumpy? “It’s all about the flat-to-heel connection,” Williams explains. “If an outfit looks great with a navy suede heel, then it will also look great with a navy suede flat.” She suggests that when you shop for flats, keep in mind what heels are your favorite and look for flats in similar styles and textures.

We can’t wait to go shopping with all of their style tips in mind! Are you wishing you had a closet like that at home (we are!)? Considering taking all your button-downs to the tailor pronto? Tell us in the comments below.

–Loni Venti