August 11, 2006 09:00 AM

To say that we are fans of the unflappable and debonair Tim Gunn on Project Runway would be an understatement (See our Project Runway posts, or the new issue of PEOPLE’s Fall StyleWatch for proof). So we were especially tickled by this tidbit: Season 2 designer Emmett McCarthy has created the Tim Gunn Bobblehead ($25), which you can order through or McCarthy’s New York Boutique, EMC2 (212-431-4134). At the Season 3 Wrap-Party, Sarah Jessica Parker (also a big fan of Mr. Gunn’s) said she would like “twelve of them. Actually, make that a baker’s dozen!” We’re with you on that one, Sarah. Place your order soon: shipment begins Sept 29th.

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Photo:Courtesy EMc2; Scott Wintrow/Getty

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