The entrepreneur and Instagram star is releasing her first book, This Is Not a Fashion Story, in May 2020

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Instagram influencer, Danielle Bernstein, is adding published author to her resumé.

Hot off the heels of launching a project management start-up, Moe Assist, the 27-year-old behind the fashion blog WeWoreWhat is sharing her journey from blogger to entrepreneur in an unfiltered book titled This Is Not a Fashion Story: Taking Chances, Breaking Rules, and Being a Boss in the Big City.

Danielle Bernstein
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“I spent my youth shopping at discount department stores, getting boozy in suburban backyards and proposing marriage to every boy I dated,” Bernstein captioned a photo announcing the news on Instagram on Wednesday morning. “I was a college dropout living in a West Village shoebox with three roommates and only six months to prove that my blog, @WeWoreWhat, could become a full blown career… or else board the LIRR back to my mom’s house.”

She continues: “Flash forward ten years, four boyfriends, and two million Instagram followers later – and I’m more than just an influencer. I’m a bonafide business woman—a CEO, tech founder and fashion designer with seven figure deals in the pipeline.”

While the influencer has teased her upcoming book several times in the last few weeks, Bernstein has finally revealed the cover, title and story behind the “dirty tale.”

“It’s a story that proves success isn’t about a college degree or your upbringing. It’s about trusting your gut, knowing when to take risks and fighting to get what you want in love, life and business,” she describes in her post. “But above all it’s the story of how a young girl made in the concrete jungle that is New York City—and how you can too.”

In the lengthy caption, Bernstein also shares why she decided to tell her story and what fans can expect inside the book, including references to her “wild, romantic and hilarious sex life.”

“Despite these successes, I have never been your typical play-by-the-rules fashionista. I disrupted the fashion industry using my own playbook—one that I’m finally ready to share with you, my readers,” the Moe Assist founder describes.

According to Bernstein, her inspiration to write about her career path came a “bad breakup” four years ago.

“I had what I like to call my ‘Samantha Summer’ and started writing about my experiences with men,” Bernstein told InStyle. “I decided that I didn’t want to release a book only about my relationships, though, and instead waited until I was ready to tell my full story.”

Danielle Bernstein

And according to Bernstein, the book will cover her life, spanning from losing her virginity to her failed shoe brand, Archive.

“I hope readers can learn and be inspired by both my mistakes and triumphs and feel a little bit closer to me,” she explains to InStyle. “This book is for someone who wants to read about a young girl making it in the big city. It’s for young entrepreneurs, but it’s also for anyone who just wants an entertaining read.”

This is Not a Fashion Story: Taking Chances, Breaking Rules, and Being a Boss in the Big City by Danielle Bernstein will be released in May 2020 and is available for pre-order now for $25.99 on