We Tried It: Using Selvera to Get Back on Track With Our Bikini Resolutions

What is it: Selvera, a “personalized, long-term, weight-management” service

Who tried it: Loni Venti, Style and Beauty Editor

Loni Venti Selvera

Loni Venti

Why I did it: Studies say that by the third week in January, most of us (including this girl!) have given up on our resolutions. We get so hyped up with the fresh, clean slate of a new year that we make all these promises to ourselves. But as the reality of life sets back in (busy work days! freezing weather!) its easy to fall back into bad habits and make excuses. Personally, my goal of scoring a Gisele-worthy bikini bod in time for my little sister’s destination wedding slips further and further away each day. So when I heard about Selvera, which uses lots of newfangled gadgets and an on-call nutrition expert to keep you on track, I figured it was worth a shot. Well, as long as I was allowed a reasonable chocolate and wine allowance.

Level of difficulty: Hearing that I can only have three “discretionary” foods per week (meaning I can’t have froyo on the reg) wasn’t exactly easy. But aside from that heartbreaking news, the plan is actually kind of fun.

To start, my assigned dietitian Amanda Foti, RD called to introduce herself, explain how the whole plan worked, and get an idea of what my lifestyle, diet and goals were like. She was so nice and reasonable (wine and chocolate were not only allowed, but encouraged!) and she told me that she was available at any time to answer questions or help me plan meals. Even if I had dinner plans at a restaurant, I could send her a link to the menu and she would help me figure out the smartest things to order.

Next, my gadgets arrived. I got a pedometer bracelet and a scale that uses blue tooth to connect to my phone. Everything syncs up to the Selvera app and Amanda has constant access to whatever I’m up to. This sounds scary, but its actually great. Amanda is never judge-y about when I forget to weigh-in or if I don’t meet my 10,000 steps goal. She’s encouraging and always has a helpful solution to whatever excuses I throw at her (and boy do I have excuses).

As for the actual diet part, Selvera works with a “key” system (a key is pretty much a serving size). My goals are five fiber keys, five protein keys and two fat keys per day. Luckily, I’m also allowed three discretionary keys and four-to-five alcohol keys per week. I enter these into my Selvera app and then Amanda can access them when we have our weekly check-ins to see where I went right, where I could have done better and to help me plan for the upcoming week.

The verdict: This plan is so smart that it works without me even feeling like I’ve changed much of my current lifestyle at all. It’s $99 per month, but that includes the wireless scale, the pedometer bracelet and my weekly counseling with a registered dietitian (Amanda). It’s totally worth it! Plus, simply knowing how many steps I’m taking encourages me to opt for the stairs more than usual or walk to grab dinner instead of ordering in. Seeing all the things I’ve eaten entered into the app makes me feel accountable for what I put into my body (especially since I’m sharing it with Amanda), and I’ve been making better choices when possible. And let’s be honest, knowing that I can have up to five glasses of wine a week and three treats means I don’t get cranky and feel deprived from the fun stuff. My personalized plan says I should be losing 2.5 pounds per week and so far I have! I don’t know if I’ll be strutting down a Victoria’s Secret runway anytime soon, but knowing that I’m making healthier choices already makes me feel better about the bod I have right now. And if I just so happen to have some rockin’ abs in time for bikini season… well that would be okay too!

Have you put your resolutions on hold? Are you working towards and health and fitness goals? Tell me your story below!

–Loni Venti