Our editors road-test some of the most out-there spring trends

By Alex Apatoff
Updated February 04, 2014 02:00 PM

Our March issue hits stands Friday (though you can nab it on your tablet right now!) and it’s packed full of the hottest trends for spring, from entry-level to more advanced. Our #Trending story features tons of the red-hot looks straight off the runway (and beloved by your favorite celebs). But if you find yourself wondering if you really can pull off overalls, you’re not alone. That’s why three of our magazine editors road tested these trends for you. Were they convinced? Find out below!


Courtesy Kristen Maxwell Cooper

Trend: Overalls

Who tried it: Kristen Maxwell Cooper, Senior Editor

Degree of trickiness: It’s not the overalls themselves that are tricky. It’s the fear of looking like you stepped out of a ’90s sitcom.

Overall experience: When I first saw fashionable stars rocking overalls, I was intrigued. Somehow they had taken this casual throwback and made it chic (of course, the newer, more tailored styles helped too). So I jumped at the chance to give the ’90s staple a whirl. My biggest hurdle was what to wear underneath it. This, I believe, is what makes your overall look either undeniably modern or hilariously retro. I wasn’t going to try a crop top, so I went for something timeless: a gray long-sleeved shirt with a bit of stretch in it, so it wouldn’t lose shape throughout the day. I added a crystal statement necklace and heels for extra polish. While my husband was a little confused, my fashion-forward colleagues loved the look. And the best part: the overalls were comfortable and unfussy!

Verdict: If you’re a fashion risk-taker, these are a must for your spring wardrobe.

Hand Cuff

Courtesy Elizabeth Carmona

Trend: Hand Cuff

Who tried it: Elizabeth Carmona, Associate Editor

Degree of trickiness: It’s jewelry for your hand, so on the easier side.

Overall experience: “Handcuffs?! What?!” This was my reaction when asked to try this trend. Fortunately, it’s jewelry and not something you’d find at the police precinct. When I saw the sparkly cuff, I was instantly on board. This kind of hand cuff slips right over your fingers and rests in the middle of your hand. I wore mine for a full day: Writing, attending meetings, on the train and out at night with my boyfriend. Typing proved to be the trickiest task to complete while wearing my new bling. I couldn’t stand using a keyboard with it on, and to use a pen, I had to wear the hand cuff on my non-writing hand. However, the cuff slid easily underneath my gloves for my commute, and my very sweet (yet very honest) guy kept saying he thought it looked “so cool.”

Verdict: Bad for the office; perfect for going out!


Emily Hebert

Trend: Earthy Sandals

Who tried it: Emily Hebert, Senior Fashion Features Editor

Degree of trickiness: It’s no secret why Birkenstocks are a classic: They’re so comfortable and easy to wear! My only challenge was making them feel modern and not too boho.

Overall experience: When I first saw the sandals, I had a flashback to my high-school days. It was the ’90s, and anything grunge or ’70s-inspired was huge. The cool girls all wore plaid flannel shirts, extreme bell-bottoms — and, yep, Birkenstocks. I never felt “cool” enough to pull off Birkenstocks then (I only dabbled in plaid flannel) so I was excited to test them out. I tried them on with tailored blazers, floral sheaths and more for a fashion-forward contrast. But in the end, I stuck with the sandals’ laid-back vibe, choosing double denim and a bright belt and pedicure.

Verdict: Wearing these sandals, I felt like I was walking on (orthopedic) pillows all day. They were supportive but didn’t look like something my grandma would buy. I could totally see myself getting a pair, because I’m all about casual-chic pieces. Instead of taupe suede, though, I’d go for Birkenstocks in silver or white leather — to me, those feel more current, but still versatile, and they’d mix better with the dressier pieces in my closet.