3 PeopleStyle editors try the bra you can't stop hearing about

By Lindy Segal
Updated June 23, 2016 06:24 PM

Courtesy of Thirdlove

What it is: Thirdlove’s 24/7 Classic T-shirt bra, which promises a seamless, comfortable fit thanks to “buttery soft layer of memory foam,” and the brand’s sizing app, which uses magic (and your phone’s camera) to tell you your perfect bra size.

Who tried it: Andrea Lavinthal, Style & Beauty Director; Lindy Segal, Style Social Editor; Emily Kirkpatrick, Associate Style News Editor

Why we tried it: Who isn’t in search of the perfect everyday bra? Also, Bitch Sesh. (If you don’t know, you’ll know soon.)

Level of difficulty: 3/10. The app is easy to use, but sometimes testy. And we mastered putting on bras around age 12.

Tester 1: Andrea Lavinthal
To be totally candid, the real reason I jumped at the chance to try a ThirdLove T-Shirt Bra was mostly because it’s the undergarment of choice for the ladies of Bitch Sesh, my favorite podcast. That, and because I’m pregnant and my cup size has increased an alarming amount in a short period of time. I answered a few questions on the site (including one where I had to identify my breast shape from a litany of illustrated options) to help determine my size and despite my aforementioned growth spurt, they nailed it. The 34C bra fit perfectly (at least for now). In addition to the great fit, the T-Shirt Bra style is really comfortable and the Memory Foam creates a natural-looking shape. The design is no-frills, but I guess that makes sense for a bra meant to be worn under the most basic piece of clothing. I’ll definitely be ordering another one in a 34D very soon (#pregnancyproblems).

Tester 2: Lindy Segal
Like Andrea, I had been dying to try Thirdlove because of Danielle Schneider and Casey Wilson’s enthusiastic endorsement of their bras on Bitch Sesh. I’m addicted! Anyway. Because we’ve all heard again and again that 1,000,000% of women wear the wrong bra (rough estimate), I definitely wanted to try the sizing app. After struggling to get the right camera angle half a dozen times and taking what are both my least flattering and only boob selfies ever, the app told me I was a 36E/DD, the same size I’ve been wearing. Although I remained a bit suspicious, I decided to go along with the idea that I’m the rare unicorn who actually wears the correct bra size. *Brushes shoulders off*

When the bra arrived, it turns out I was right — at least in Thirdlove’s sizes. It fit perfectly, and the soft memory foam cups make it feel like my boobs were being snuggled all day, as opposed to hoisted up against their will. It’s not the prettiest bra in the world, but Thirdlove does have some sexier options that I’m now even more eager to try. All in all I’m sold, and I have Thirdlove, Casey, Danielle, and Kyle By Alene Too to thank.

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Tester 3: Emily Kirkpatrick
Let me start by saying, this is truly the most comfortable bra that has ever been on my body and pretty much all of my complaints revolve around my inability to correctly gauge the size of my own breasts. I was (correctly) distrustful of the bra size I’ve heretofore believed myself to be, so I used the ThirdLove app in the hopes that it would guide me towards brassiere nirvana. The app was easy to use, if a touch bossy about where to hold my phone, but I understand and respect the necessity for precision in this extremely delicate situation. The photos it produced of my body, however, are truly grotesque monstrosities that I pray never see the light of day.

I was promptly told I was, in fact, the size 38C I have always believed myself to be, but when the bra arrived it was most definitely at least one full cup size too large. While the strap size was a dream, the cups gaped at the top in a way that would have been extremely useful should I ever want to pack the entire contents of my clutch on my person. It was also maybe the most un-sexy, full coverage piece of underwear I’ve ever owned, although, to be fair, that’s also kind of my fault for 1. Opting for the least attractive of their many attractive options, in nude no less and 2. Again, wearing a bra much too large for the actual size of my chest.

Those facts aside, before now I have never put on a bra and then immediately forgotten I was wearing it and I have never not pushed up my bra straps a minimum of 10 times per day. This bra managed to achieve both, something I previously deemed totally impossible. Basically, this is all just a long, roundabout way of saying ThirdLove bra, I think you’re my soulmate, oversized cups and all.

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