Looking to try a juice cleanse? Then you'll want to read this.

By Brittany Talarico
Updated February 13, 2014 10:59 PM

Brittany Talarico

What is it: The latest three-day all liquid cleanse system from famed NYC health shop Juice Press — all six juices are made to specifically target the immune system and help your body ward off infection brought on by the cold weather (and since this has been the most brutal winter I’ve experienced in my 26 years on this planet, I thought, ‘Why not?’).

Who tried it: Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor

Why I did it: Because everyone around me was getting sick, and I wanted to load up on vitamins. (Okay, and I wanted to feel really “cleansed” and slim for a jam-packed weekend of wedding dress shopping!)

Level of Difficulty: 5. Cleansing is not for the faint of stomach. I missed snacking (well, chewing!) and the social aspect of eating

I’m getting married in October, and wedding planning has become my second full-time job. One of the big things I checked off my list recently was the dress, which I’m totally psyched about. But before my marathon run of bridal boutiques, I wanted to do a detox to feel my best and get rid of any bloat. I had a pretty positive experience on a previous cleanse (read about it here), so I thought the timing was perfect.

I heard amazing things about the Juice Press in my neighborhood in Williamsburg (there are currently 14 locations in NYC), and after I did some recon on the website, I saw the juicery was offering a winter-centric cleanse. So I cleared out my fridge and cabinets of any tempting snacks (and told my fiancé to keep his hidden) and went for it.

I stuck to the juice-only plan, and didn’t mix anything else into my diet. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t craving some serious snacks. Mainly, I wanted something crunchy like pretzels or popcorn (the worst was on day two), but I stuck it out. I also felt a bit more sluggish than usual, but by the end of day three I was proud of my will power.

My favorite juice was the “Pink Punk,” which was a mix of beets and strawberries and tasted like a smoothie. I struggled the most with the turmeric tonic “The Remedy.” There’s been so much buzz about turmeric, so I’m glad I eventually tried it, but the taste was the least desirable in my opinion. However, if you’re worried about getting sick, this is the stuff that helps boost your immune system and is great for circulation, which is helpful during a Polar Vortex.

Verdict: I felt it really gave me the jump start I needed to get my healthy eating on track (and have that extra confidence trying on wedding dresses). I recommend doing a cleanse when your social calendar is pretty event-free, because you might feel a bit more tired than usual (not to mention you don’t want to be tempted by normal food and alcohol). I was pleasantly surprised by all the drinks, and would definitely do another pre-wedding detox. And luckily Brian (my fiancé) still wants to marry me, despite all the crazy things I like to try.

P.S.: I hope to bring you more bridal related “We Tried Its” in the future! Any suggestions? Share below!