Courtesy The Now
August 25, 2016 06:27 PM

What It Is: The Now, A Massage Boutique
Who Tried It: Aili Nahas, West Coast News Editor
Level of Difficulty: 0. (This is pampering we’re talking about!)
Why I Did It: I’m always on the hunt for a no fuss, serene massage space that has the goods to (quickly and efficiently) get the job done — namely, untangle my sore muscles and provide a respite from a jam-packed work week. 

At The Now, relaxation begins the moment your feet cross the threshold. The décor is an ahhh-inducing combination of organic wall hangings, flickering candles, pale wood and luxurious textiles, including the white furry pillows that dot the massage chairs. No sticky leather seat backs here!

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Massages (ranging from energy balancing to deep pressure) are available on a table or seated in a chair with plenty of delicious add-ons like cooling eye masks and aromatherapy.

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For me personally, it’s not always easy to find the time for a 50 or 80 minute pampering, so the 25-minute offerings ($35) are a godsend. The Crown focuses on head, neck and shoulder, while The Roots targets those tired legs and feet. Less than half an hour at The Now, and I swear, even standstill L.A. traffic can’t bring me down.

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