Courtesy Jackie Fields

What is it:
Paleta + Sonya Dakar’s Get Glowing! Beauty Detox, which is a two-day juice cleanse followed by a 14-day skin care regimen that’s supposed to “recharge” your digestive system and improve your skin. It’s a bit pricey ($229), but that’s because it’s also paired with skincare products from esthetician-to-the-stars Sonya Dakar.

Who tried it:
Jackie Fields, writer-reporter

Why she did it:
New York Fashion Week is coming to a close, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for a serious detox. After all, with every fashion party comes champagne, apps and more champagne … and that’s enough to throw anyone’s system into a state of emergency.

How crazy is it on a scale of Miley to Miley twerking: No twerking necessary — I jumped at the chance to do the cleanse! Sonya Dakar works with Gwyneth Paltrow, and I’ll trust anyone responsible for her glow. I decided to test it out a weekend because I’d rather have a hunger-induced breakdown in the privacy of my own home than on the MTA. I started on a Saturday morning, slowly sipping my first juice, a thick kale pineapple smoothie. Soon after, I realized I couldn’t swallow the larger supplements without food. But rather than stress myself out (the goal was not to get hangry, which is hungry plus angry, for those of you who don’t know cleanse lingo), I waited until I could inhale my one solid, a peanut butter-based bar, to get those down. Mission accomplished.

I woke up the next day with a mild headache, but I was glad that I had nothing to do but lounge around. What kept me positive, aside from the fact that I was already halfway done, was that every juice was different and delicious, so I wasn’t bored to death! And get this: At one point I found myself creating a pizza on my Dominos app (no comment), but I didn’t buy my creation. Which in my mind means I truly succeeded.

As for the skincare portion, I loved using these products for two weeks. My favorite one was the scrub, which I found insanely gentle, but I also loved the refreshing scent of the face wash (not to mention having a pared-down routine). And I got compliments on my radiant face at the end!

So, final verdict? Aside from the fact that I felt very uncool carrying a cooler of juice around my neighborhood during the detox part, I loved it and would totally do it again. Now that I know I can survive a cleanse with only a few SOS texts to friends, and virtual pizzas in an online shopping cart, I’d love to hunker down in my apartment at the start of every season with this cleanse (and, yes, a backlog of thrillers on Hulu) to get my stomach and skin back on track.

–Jackie Fields