Find out what happened when two style editors let Louise Roe pick out their outfits

By Brittany Talarico
Updated October 01, 2015 09:35 PM

What is it: A free (!) app where you can get real-time, individual outfit recommendations from professional stylists — you know, what to wear and how to wear it. You can also build your own dream closet, online shop really easily and get suggestions for the perfect gift to buy someone (Basically, it’s your own personal shopper)

Who tried it: PeopleStyle editors Alex Apatoff and Brittany Talarico

Level of difficulty: 2. It’s super easy to navigate and user-friendly

Credit: Courtesy Hannah Thomson

Hannah Thomson

If you haven’t heard of Snap+Style yet, you will probably download it as soon as you finish reading this. The app just kicked off during New York Fashion Week and announced stylist and TV personality Louise Roe as its brand ambassador! We caught up with Roe at the launch event to find out a little bit more about the what Snap+Style has to offer.

“There are so many apps constantly being launched but this one, to me anyway, really stood out,” Roe shared. “I really like that it’s in real-time. You get an answer and it’s a real dialogue, so it’s not as simple as saying, ‘Here’s a dress — wear it.’ It’s more, ‘Why do I want to wear it?’ I think the whole point of styling is to obviously enhance somebody, but push them outside their comfort zone a little bit, and to do that you need to say why you’re pushing these over the knee boots when normally they’d never wear those. So I think having that dialogue is really important, you get kind of tips — you might even get hair and beauty advice, which is also quite a perk. I quite like that.”

Louise Roe Snap+Style

Hannah Thomson

Roe adds she loves that Snap+Style users can select their budgets and also pick one piece from their closets as a launching pad for an entire outfit.

“It’s really smart, because we rarely shop for a whole new outfit,” she said. “You use the jacket that you already have and maybe you’re going to use the boots that you already own, and that’s a part of it too.”

Alex and Brittany Snap+Style outfits

And when she’s styling, she’s not afraid to push people out of their comfort zones or to try tricky trends, like the ’70s vibe that’s huge this season.

“I love it but it can be costume-y if you do it head to toe,” she warned “So take one or two options like the floppy hat or the suede tassel jacket and just do that — don’t also add the paisley shirt and the miniskirt. They’re all great items on their own. I think culottes can be tricky. I always get, ‘Can you do it if you’re short?’ Yes, you can. You just have to wear a super high heel and go for a pair that’s not too baggy and that’s quite high-waisted, and make sure your top half is fitted.”

Looking to budget your fall purchases? Roe advises to invest in a “really great jacket” and a pair of boots, but save on things like dresses and skirts.

“People might disagree with me, but I really think that it’s the sort of outer layers that are worth a splurge, and I feel the same about shoes. I’d rather spend more on my shoes, personal preference, but I think that I would happily wear a cute little skater skirt. I’d wear faux leather or faux suede. I’m not fussed about not being real, even a cute little dress, and then as long as you have this amazing blazer or a coat.”

Two editors got to live a fashion fantasy and have Louise Roe actually pick out outfits for them. Read on to find out all about their Snap+Style experience. (Our biggest takeaway? That we are not cut out to be style bloggers — we could not get the pose down.)

Alex and Brittany Snap+Style outfits

Alex Apatoff, Senior Style Editor: I have this fabulous Cooper + Ella dress that has gotten me compliments for months. But after wearing it with flat sandals and chunky jewelry all summer, I was looking for a good way to transition it into fall — especially for a more professional, desk-to-dinner setting.

I snapped a (terrible) shot of the dress, uploaded it, and Louise sent back some suggestions that were exactly what I’d hope for from a stylist: Within my personal style boundaries, but pushing them just a smidge (see: those polka-dot J.Crew shoes). And when something didn’t work for me (the original necklace she picked fought with the neckline of the dress) I just let her know and she swapped in an equally cool bracelet.

Alex and Brittany Snap+Style outfits

My favorite part of the stylist experience? I’m now getting more compliments on those pumps than anything else I own. I’ll definitely use it again when I need a fresh eye to help me find things to which I wouldn’t normally give a second look.

Brittany Talarico, Style News Editor: I’m the queen of buying a pair of shoes or a bag that doesn’t really go with anything I already own. Regardless, I’ll buy it anyway. So that’s why this app is such a great fit for me. I found it very easy to navigate, and I love how detailed, yet, quick the personal survey was. Once I completed the style profile, I took a photo of a pair of Stuart Weitzman stacked heels that I wanted Louise to use as the starting point for my new Fashion Week outfit. And, shocker, she did an amazing job not only coordinating the shoes with a new outfit, but choosing pieces that fit my style personality!

The look? A great black Helmut Lang split-sleeve T-shirt, colorblock leather Vince Skirt and multi-color Coach cross-body. I loved how all the pieces worked together, but also loved that they could all be worn a bunch of different ways. The black tee with moto jeans and a bomber for a night out. The skirt with tights and a blazer for work. Louise hit it out of the park. (She’s also a great dancer — check out the dance-off between her and Jamie Chung below!)

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