The beauty world has created masks for almost every area of your body imaginable. So I thought: 'Why not try them all at once and see how it goes?'
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What It Is: “Multi-masking” at its most extreme: Trying seven different sheet masks for all areas of my body.

Why I Tried It: The Korean beauty craze that began a few years ago catapulted sheet masks into a skincare staple. So brands have capitalized on their popularity to create countless quick-fix treatments for every part of your body, from your neck to your nose to your feet. Although I love the idea of masks that hone in on specific problem areas, it can be hard to find the time to do one mask a night, let alone multiple per week. My idea: Why not multitask (or multi-mask, as some beauty gurus call it) and try as many as I could at once? So, I raided our PeopleStyle beauty closet for any and all masks, and came up with seven strong contenders to attempt to wear at one time.

Level Of Difficulty: 4.5/5, considering applying multiple sheet masks at once on my body became much more of a balancing act than anticipated.

The Experience: The first roadblock I faced after taking off all my makeup, settling into my PJs and grabbing a glass of wine for my mask experience was figuring out where to actually begin. After some consideration, I decided to go “bottom up.” I slipped on Karuna’s Exfoliating+ Foot Mask, which admittedly wasn’t the most stylish footwear I’ve worn, but if it delivered on its promise to soften my summer-roughened feet, it would be worth it.

Next, I went in for my face. I grabbed a Sarah Chapman Chin and Jaw Mask that hooked behind my ears for a targeted “face lift.” Although my roommates said I looked like a doctor about to perform surgery, I felt the effects immediately. To add to the fun, I layered Dr. Jart+’s Dermask Spot Jet Laugh Line Lift over my chin and around my mouth to target any deep-set wrinkles in my smile zone.

My face was already halfway covered with sheet masks, but I managed to find room for more. I slipped on Sephora Collection’s Nose Strip (to deeply cleanse the area of blackheads) and Patchology’s FlashPatch Lip Gels (to get plumper, Kylie Jenner-esque lips). I wanted to take things a step further and target my dark circles too, so I attempted to place the Tarte Undereye Rescue Patches. With everything else on my face, the slippery patches wouldn’t hold, so I decided the gel eye pads would be best used on their own.

Finally, I completed my massive routine with the glove-like Karuna Hydrating+ Hand Mask. I sat down, waited and attempted to relax as one does when sheet masking. See me wearing (almost) all of the masks below, to get a better understanding of the experience.

Credit: Kaitlyn Frey

The Verdict:

I must say, as a sheet mask fanatic and someone who craves the relaxing 15 minutes of wear-time, multi-masking didn’t really accomplish that. Instead of laying back, drinking a glass of wine and reading a magazine like I normally would, I had to sit super still just to keep things in place.

I definitely did still enjoy some of the benefits of each of these masks — my hands and feet felt softer than ever before, and my entire face was super taut. But without a doubt, next time I’m looking to do a mask, I’ll be sticking to just one.

My advice: if you want to successfully try multiple masks at once, stick to one on the face (whether it be an eye, lip, chin, or cheek patch) and another someplace else (like the foot or hand mask). Or, try a different one every day to mix up your skincare regimen.

Would you try to wear multiple sheet masks at once? Tell us below!