We Tried It: Retro Waves Using Clip-Less Hot Rollers

We tested out these innovative new hair curlers and loved the results!

What is it: Conair Infiniti Pro Secret Curl Setters

Who tried it: Loni Venti, Style and Beauty Editor

Why I did it: Whenever I see my stylist, Ryan Nickulas I leave with waves so perfect that I can’t stop checking out my reflection in every storefront I pass (oh, vanity). But when I’m not getting coiffed up by a pro, I don’t have the time nor coordination to masterfully wrap and tousle my way to a luscious mermaid mane. These babies promised to make waves sans the drama. So I gave them a whirl.

Level of difficulty: Super easy! Here’s what I did:

Conair Rollers

Loni Venti

1. Plug them in
There’s no switch, no temperature knob or anything else to fuss with. You just wait a few minutes until the red dot turns white. Then you’re in business.

2. Wrap them up
The rollers get hot, but since they’re silicone you can still handle them without burning yourself. Slide the roller out of its little nook, twist a section of hair around it (starting at the root and finishing at the ends) and then squeeze it shut. I wrap the hair away from my face, but you should experiment to see what you like best. Repeat until you’re all wrapped up.

3. Let them cool
This is when you should get dressed, put your makeup on, catch up on
Sons of Anarchy
or whatever else you feel like doing for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Unwrap, comb and go!
Pull the roller open and untwist the section of hair. Repeat until all of your hair is unwound. Then either shake it out with your fingers for tousled waves or comb through for structured Veronica Lake-style waves (I chose the latter).

The verdict: I’m in love! Since the rollers don’t have a clamp like the old school 80s curlers, they didn’t leave any dents in my hair. And the silicone-coating left my hair feeling so soft and shiny. I totally recommend these babies to anyone who wants gorgeous hair fast (so…everyone). Bonus: they’re available at Target and are only $59.99 (way more affordable than some of the other hot tools we’ve tried).

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