Are you ready to live your best rose-tinted life?
Credit: Lauren Perlstein

What It Is: A fresh haircut at Marie Robinson Salon with Allison Woodruff and a pastel pink dye job at Sally Hershberger with Aura Friedman

Who Tried It: Emily Kirkpatrick, Associate Style News Editor

Level of Difficulty: This really depends on the type of person you are. If you’re very particular about your locks and can’t fathom the idea of stepping a foot outside of your “bronde” comfort zone, a head full of baby pink hair will probably be enough to send you over the edge into a full-blown nervous breakdown. But, if you’re like me, and have little to no attachment to your physical appearance and trust implicitly in the kindness of extremely gifted strangers, this look should be totally smooth sailing.

Also, a word of warning to perfectionists: if you’re going into this expecting month after month of a pastel pink dream atop your scalp, be prepared for a whole lot of upkeep and a similarly large amount of disappointment.

The Process: Basically, I feel like this entire transformation started as a joke that no one (including myself) actually thought was going to happen until all of a sudden it was very, very real and my hair was very, very pink.



It all began with a Slack message (as all great stories do) from our Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal asking if anyone would be bold enough to go pastel for the summer in the name of investigative journalism. After roughly 20 minutes of dead silence from my colleagues, I shrugged and figured why not, I’ve paid money to dye my hair crazy colors in the past, I might as well do it again gratis. And so, after many threats from my coworkers that I better be serious and that I would be held to my word, I found myself sitting in the salon chair of one stylist extraordinaire, Allison Woodruff of Marie Robinson Salon, ready to take the first step in my full-blown style makeover.

First of all, let me say, Allison is some kind of follicle savant. I have never in my life had a haircut that I looked in the mirror immediately afterwards and thought, oh my god, I look amazing. Let’s start with the fact that it’s like she knew my hair better after one minute of zhooshing than I do after living with this unruly mop for 28 years. She immediately knew exactly what length and style would and would not work with my texture, which, trust me, given the sheer volume of hair on my head is no easy feat. She also managed to instantly solve the problem of my insanely frizzy baby hairs (which have only been the bane of my existence for, oh, my entire life) with the simple suggestion of a face-framing Keratin treatment. Like, duh, of course. Clearly, I am not worthy.

Allison also taught me that getting a blowout does not have to suck. I know, I know, I can practically hear all the DryBar regulars screaming at me as I type this. But, honestly, I thought getting hair as thick and wavy as mine blown out meant either insane pouffy frizz or artificially stick straight weirdness. But now I know I can also get those smoothly tousled, perfect cool girl waves I’ve always dreamed of if only I was willing to take the extra time with a diffuser attachment and a thin curling iron (spoiler alert: I am not willing to take that time, but I am thrilled to know that the possibility does exist).

For the next stage of my magical makeover act, I headed over to Sally Hershberger to have my lackluster strands transformed by the supernatural hands of Aura Friedman. Despite having gone ombré teal and hot pink in the past couple of years, I was still a little bit nervous as I stepped into the salon over the premise of going full-blown rosé. But I figured, if anyone could make me look like a manic Tumblr dream girl, it’s the woman who regularly handles the likes of Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence’s A-list locks.


My hair says YES, but my face says ¯_(ツ)_/¯

To kick things off, I needed to go blonde. And I mean, blonde. I, like most millennials who grew up under the tyranny of chunky highlights, am no stranger to a little bleach. But aside from a few streaks and an ombré here and there, I have been a tried and true brunette for all of my life. And then, in a matter of hours, I was practically as peroxide white-blonde as Taylor Swift on the cover of Vogue.


While I was nervous about damaging my roots, Aura assured me that thanks to amazing advancements in hair dyeing technology (which are probably super old news to all of you bottle blondes out there), the process isn’t anywhere near as harmful as it was back in the day where it wasn’t unheard of to come out of the salon with a bleach-burned scalp. Now, thanks to a miracle-worker known as b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, getting that perfect platinum tint couldn’t be easier. Although, I feel I have to warn all novices like me that it comes in a powdered form that will likely make you think you’ve suddenly developed an embarrassing case of severe dandruff for at least the first 20 minutes of the process. Just me? OK. Anyway, Aura also left the roots of my hair totally untouched, so as my hair grows out it will continue to be completely damage free.


Once I was a shocking shade of blonde, going pink was a breeze. After applying the dye which was a top secret, special mix of rosy and purple-tinted pinks, yet another pink gloss was applied as my hair was rinsed out and, voila, my transformation was complete. Well, almost complete, because before I left I was permitted to experience the true meaning of luxury: having two women simultaneously blow out my hair, once again turning my sloppy coif into a perfectly textured wave I thought was only possible to achieve for women who regularly walk the red carpet.

The Verdict: Despite what this selfie might have you believe, there are nowords to truly express the joy that having pink hair gives me. The weirdest thing about it? It feels completely natural. Like I was secretly born with rose-tinted hair that turned a dusky shade of brunette come puberty. In other words, if anyone in the history of hair was meant to be born a bodacious shade of baby pink, it’s your girl right here. My only complaint is that sometimes it feels like my perfect, beautiful hair color washes out basically over night even though I never, ever wash my hair (but, believe me, that’s a story for a whole other time).

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.55.12 PM

The reapplication process is rigorous, but thanks to the custom pink deep conditioner Aura whipped up for me, it’s also pretty darn easy. And the joys of waking up every day feeling like my truest self totally makes the high maintenance up-keep worth it, even for a supremely low maintenance girl like myself. I also can’t help but feel like the grown-in roots only radically enhance my new style’s cool-factor. It even almost makes me understand Kylie Jenner’s endless thirst for technicolor weaves. Note I said almost. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves just yet.

Would you go pastel pink? What crazy color would you like to dye your hair? Sound off below!