Our intrepid style news editor takes the Kardashians' latest product for a spin

Courtesy Kardashian Sun Kissed (2)

This week, style news editor Alex Apatoff wonders if she could hack it as a Kris Jenner offspring.

There are two things I’ve never really understood: self-tanner and the Kardashians. Admitting to being clueless about both of those things makes me somewhat of an anomaly in our celeb-and-beauty-obsessed office, but despite my best efforts, I just haven’t been able to come around on either concept.

So when a flashy gold bag emblazoned with the word KARDASHIAN arrived at my desk stuffed with the sisters’ latest beauty venture, Kardashian Sun Kissed, I decided it was time to confront my fears in the name of science. And true to the scientific method, I had my hypothesis even before I began: I was going to hate it.

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As it turns out, I’m not any better of a scientist than I was in high school. My prediction was way off base. In fact, I not only was pleasantly surprised by the products, I’ve recommended them to friends since my self-tanner experiment.

The first thing I noticed once I got past the (ridiculous) packaging is that there’s no telltale self-tanner smell; in fact, all of the products have the same super-sweet odor, which was really strong in the bottle but faded pretty quickly. And even if people can smell it, they’ll think you maybe overdid it in a Yankee Candle store — so your self-tanning secret stays safe.

And the application was totally painless. I made sure to do as sloppy of a job applying this as I have any other self-tanner in the past. I found it went on easily and evenly, with no weird streaks or blotches, and the color was shockingly natural. The spray was especially useful for parts I normally miss (like my back). And the tan extender did exactly what it promised it would. People were complimenting my faux glow for days.

So … I may be a sunless tanning convert. And it may be thanks to the Kardashians. And I may have to hide the bottles in my medicine cabinet when guests come over, but it’ll be worth it. Just as long as this isn’t a gateway drug to their TV show.

Kardashian Sun Kissed products start at $12.99 and are available at Ulta.

Tell us: Do you use sunless tanners? What are your best tips?

–Alex Apatoff