It's the most wonderful time to try out this festive lip trend - see what worked and what didn't, straight from our PeopleStyle staffer

December 29, 2016 09:00 AM

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If there’s any time of the year to experiment with one of beauty’s latest trends – glitter lips – New Year’s Eve is that time. Thanks to celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath’s lip kits that can barely stay on shelves and celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Shay Mitchell and more looked as glamorous as ever wearing it, I was inspired to test out the look just in time for NYE.

Sadly, McGrath’s Lust 004 kit, which was the one all the stars used to achieve this glimmering red lip, sold out almost instantly. But I dug around, and found a crazy inexpensive drugstore alternative, my own DIY concoctions and a brand-new, even more daring Pat McGrath kit that’s guaranteed to impress. I then set out to try four different types of glitter lips, from the barely there to the ultra-daring, to see if I could pull off this festive look. Here’s what happened.

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What It Is: Tattoo Junkee Pucker Up Lip Paint + Effects

What It Costs: $6.88

Level of Difficulty: 1/5

On the scale of boldness, this glittery lip is probably the most tame out of all the ones I tested. And in comparison to the OG Pat McGrath Lust 004 that originally caught my eye, this one’s the best dupe around. The pack (which comes in other shades besides the classic red I wore), includes a liquid lipstick and glitter pot, so you have everything you need to get the glimmering effect.

I approached the application process in quarter stages. First, I coated one half of the bottom portion of my lip with the liquid lipstick and then immediately patted on the glitter pigment overtop before the lipstick dried down. Then, I did the same for the opposite side of my bottom lip and the two sides of the top. Word of advice: applying the glitter with a tiny lip brush (or as I did, a small eye shadow brush since my lip one wasn’t on hand) works best, because my first go-around, just using my fingers was imprecise and messy.

Overall, I adored the look of this lip. The glitter stayed put as I talked and moved around, plus it gave the drama I always desired in a NYE beauty look. My only con? Putting glitter on top of an already drying matte lipstick wasn’t the most comfortable sensation, so if matte lips aren’t your thing, this might not be either.

Kaitlyn Frey; Smashbox; NYX

What It Is: Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘In Demand’ and NYX Face and Body Glitter in ‘Rose’

What It Costs: $24 for lipstick, $12.60 for glitter

Level of Difficulty: 2/5

I call this the glitter lip for someone afraid to try the glitter lip. The barely there color that’s amplified by the pale pink glitter makes this do-it-yourself option perfect for someone who is hesitant about dipping her toes into this trend.

However, the look was a bit more challenging for a few reasons. First, you need to go to two different stores to buy the key products to do this, while the other lips I tried came with everything you need in one set. And second, the formula of this liquid lipstick is much more mousse-y than the Tattoo Junkee one, which had a watery texture. Because of this, the lipstick dried down quicker and didn’t grab onto as much of the pink glitter as I hoped. Practice this one before the event you plan to wear it to, so you can quickly apply it in a breeze!

What It Is: Temptu Metallic Glitter Set in ‘Gold’

What It Costs: $25

Level of Difficulty: 3/5

Wearing a pure yellow gold lip is reserved for the risk takers at heart. The application process with this one ended up a bit lengthier and feeling much more like art class project than the previous two I tried.

This set comes with a super fine glitter pigment and mixing liquid in a convenient dropper. I grabbed a paper plate, tapped out some of the powder and squeezed a few drops of the liquid into it. Again, I used my small eye shadow brush to mix the formula together until it was a creamy, lipstick-like consistency. Once I applied this, though, it went on like a dream – smooth, not drying at all and pigmented enough that only one coat was needed.

Kaitlyn Frey; Pat McGrath

What It Is: Pat McGrath Labs Metalmorphosis 005 Kit in ‘Silver’

What It Costs: $60

Level of Difficulty: 4/5

Not going to lie, this look was way out of my comfort zone, and probably something I would never actually wear out in real life. But for the sake of journalism (and the sake of being a makeup junkie), I had to play around with Pat McGrath’s newest Metalmorphosis 005 kit that’s been blowing up Instagram.

This lip required the most finagling to get it looking just right. The kit comes equipped with a cream pigment, pressed powder pigment, mixing liquid and eye liner (which clearly, I didn’t use here). To be quite honest, I didn’t exactly know what method of applying this would work best, so I decided to jump into it and experiment. I started by dipping my small brush into the mixing liquid, then the cream and applied. This failed. The mixer made the cream pigment way too liquid-y, and almost nothing showed up.

For my second attempt, I dipped my already dampened brush into the powder pigment and went for it. This worked 100% better, and I saw immediate results. From then on, I went back and forth between painting on the powder and cream to build up the color so none of my natural lip shade came through.

This futuristic lip requires some bravery and patience, but once I completed the look, I’d like to think mine looked almost as good as the versions on Instagram – kind of?

Would you try out a glitter lip look for New Year’s Eve? Share with us below. 

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