We Tried It: Using Drew Barrymore's Dear Drew Hair Tools to Get Her Boho Waves

One editor's brave journey to the land of woke-up-like-this waves.

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What Is It: Drew Barrymore’s Dear Drew YOU ARE PLAYFUL Ceramic Fiber Curling Iron and YOU ARE POWERFUL Ionic Ceramic Dryer

Who Tried It: Maggie Malach, PEOPLE Associate Editor, Digital Platforms

Level of Difficulty: 3/10 for normal people (but I’m giving myself a more realistic 4/10 for lacking the innate ability to properly style my hair)

Having fielded weekly comparisons to Drew Barrymore for the past 25 years of my life, I figured the final frontier to transforming into the star is achieving her bouncy, perfectly rumpled waves. (When I met Drew last year, not only was her hair radiant, but she was absolutely delightful. Any way I can be more like her is a complete win.) It’s like the actress heard my cry for help because she just launched her own line of hair tools as part of her new Dear Drew brand (coming soon to a brick-and-mortar store in N.Y.C.!). While the line carries gadgets to help women achieve all sorts of styles, I immediately zeroed in on the YOU ARE PLAYFUL Ceramic Fiber Curling Iron and the YOU ARE POWERFUL Ionic Ceramic Dryer, the two I believe could help me reach Peak Drew.

Dear Drew

Celebrity stylist Joseph Chase (you’ve seen his work on stars such as Ashley Greene and Emmanuelle Chriqui) sent me instructions on how to get Drew’s effortless waves – here they are below, in case you need the exact step-by-step as much as I did.

1. First, I like to start with a clean slate. After shampooing and conditioning, towel dry the hair to remove excess moisture. For those with thicker, coarse hair, prep the hair with a leave-in conditioner or leave-in prep spray. For those with finer hair, use a texture spray to build body during the blowout, like Sail Soft Wave Spray by R+Co.

2. Once you have applied the prep product, continue by blow drying the hair with the Dear Drew YOU ARE POWERFUL Ionic Ceramic Dryer. Remember to use the heat setting depending on hair type, low for fine-to-medium hair and Turbo for thick-to-coarse hair. Blow dry hair 100 percent dry. I personally like to blow dry using just my hands to get a more tousled look, but if the natural hair texture is mostly curly, use a round brush to smooth out the hair to avoid frizz. I recommend natural boar bristle brushes.

3. Once the hair is dry, heat up the Dear Drew YOU ARE PLAYFUL Ceramic Fiber Curling Iron. Remember heat settings depend on the condition of one’s hair texture and health. Those with thicker hair can take more heat than those with finer hair. Evaluate your hair type before deciding on what temp is right for you.

4. Once your Dear Drew PLAYFUL Curling Iron is set to desired temp, start by sectioning the hair off from the bottom (nape) working your way to the top (crown) rotating around the head. I suggest 2-inch sections when curling and using the cool touch grip to also help for easy wrapping, leaving about 1/2 – 1 inch of ends out for a more relaxed look. Leave each section on for about 7-10 seconds before releasing the hair from the curling iron.

5. Once the whole head is waved, finish this look by spraying a shine or texture spray, like R+Co’s Trophy Shine + Texture Spray, throughout the hair and using your hands as a comb to separate and tousle the hair for a natural and effortless finish. For a more polished look, lightly apply or spray a smoothing or argan oil concentrating from the mid to ends of the hair.

Dear Drew

The first major difference between this process and literally any other time I’ve styled my hair is the heat setting. Despite having hair on the finer end of the spectrum, I’m guilty of cranking up my tools to max heat (because more power is always better, right? Um, wrong.). I can’t say if this changed my hair immediately, but I’ll wager it’s a good first step toward keeping my waves looking bouncy.


Post-blowout, I turned on the curling iron to a fine hair-appropriate setting and emotionally prepared for the second stage of my transformation (which means flipping through photos of Drew’s hair for inspo, a step which is not required, but strongly encouraged). While in the past, my relationship with heating tools has proved to be … turbulent, I was pleasantly surprised that each section of hair I curled released in a perfect wave. I definitely didn’t master the grip tip, though I managed to curl my entire head of hair without burning myself, which is a miracle on par with me using the correct heat setting. After only eight minutes (!) of curling, I had selfie-ready waves.

The true test for a good hair day is presented not in the safety of my bathroom, but in the hours following my treacherous commute. On any given day, my hair is subject to rain, heat, wind, humidity, commuters and the general existence of New York City’s subway system. I’m thrilled to report that my waves not only persevered against all odds, but a coworker assumed I’d had my strands professionally blown out, the highest of hair-themed compliments.


The Verdict: Not only were the tools easy to use, but they gave me shiny, (almost) effortless waves that looked great all day. While I think I could have achieved more of a Drew-like look if my hair was longer, the curling iron gave me the cool, unfussy lob-length waves that all of my Instagram faves sport on the reg. Armed with a renewed faith in my ability to style my hair (and the tools to make it happen), I look forward to channeling my inner — and outer — Drew more often.

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