Courtesy Mary Margaret
September 22, 2016 12:51 PM

What It Is: The Cezanne, a safer Keratin treatment

Who Tried It: Mary Margaret, Director of Content Strategy

Level of Difficulty: 1, since you just book an appointment and show up! For me, sitting in a chair for two to three hours while someone does your hair doesn’t rank as a sacrifice.

Why I Did It: Shiny, glossy, straight hair: Those words aren’t just the stuff of shampoo commercials. It’s the one stereotypical Asian stereotype I’ve wanted to live up to. Instead, I’ve battled a head of hair that looks like Keri Russell’s in Felicity … during that one episode when she dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein.

Courtesy Mary Margaret
Courtesy Mary Margaret

Over the past decade, I went on a journey paved with chemical treatments named after my favorite food types (Japanese; Brazilian) before settling on my favorite frizz-fighting method: the Keratin treatment. Now, after having a baby (Hi, Sophie! Mommy loves you!), I searched for something that could be applied sans protective face gear.

Enter the Cezanne from the Nunzio Saviano salon. It claims to do everything a keratin treatment does, but without formaldehyde or harmful chemicals.

Courtesy Mary Margaret
Courtesy Mary Margaret

After being greeted by their lovely front desk staff at their cozy Upper East Side location, I donned a black robe and was whisked away upstairs to get my hair washed and ready. (All the other women seemed like regulars so I was optimistic I was in good hands!)

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Fast forward to the one blip in the process: One of the salon employees accidentally washed the treatment out of my hair too soon! My stylist reapplied the treatment and had me wait out the additional 20 minutes the initial treatment should have been sitting there for. I was a little skeptical that it would still be as effective since the chemicals hadn’t been in my hair continuously for the usual amount of time, but I walked out of there with the optimism only frizz-free hair in the middle of summer can give you.

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The Verdict: My styling time has been cut in half (I can blow-dry in 10 minutes and air-drying, with a little bit of product, is a possibility now), which is a HUGE plus for a working mom. I was warned that there would be a slight chemical smell the first two weeks, but I didn’t experience that, though the hiccup during the application process may have made it overall less potent. The frizz-fighting effects weren’t as intense as other past treatments, but the Cezanne did cut the frizz by about 70 percent and my hair doesn’t wilt or puff too much beneath the oppressive east coast humidity.

Have you tried hair straightening treatments? Which is your favorite? Share below!

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