We Tried It: Celeb-Loved 'Seamless' Hair Extensions

Check out the long, lush results when our Style and Beauty editor tests out these celeb-loved extensions

Courtesy Loni Venti

Who tried it: Loni Venti, Style and Beauty Editor (and lover of mermaid hair)

What is it: The very same hair extensions that a bajillion celebrities have but will never admit to

Why I did it: I just really wanted long, lush hair. And if celebs can cheat the system, why can’t I?

Level of difficulty: Considering I was at the Ryan Darius salon for less than an hour (and singing ’90s club jams the whole time) I’d say a 0. Any challenges were handled by my talented stylist Ryan Nickulas and my lovely People.com colleague who documented it all like a pro. Thanks, Britt!

When Ryan first suggested that I give these extensions a whirl, I thought he was crazy. A previous and unsuccessful DIY attempt at clip-in extensions ripped out a huge chunk of my already-sparse strands. But Ryan pinky promised: no drama and lots of pretty hair. So I went for it.

Ryan strategically mapped out where the five “wefts” of hair would be placed. He considered things like whether or not I tuck my hair behind my ears (I do) and if I wear sunglasses on my head (not so much). Then, he started his magic by creating crisply parted horizontal sections with a comb, then applying each piece like this:[brightcoveplayer 3754281831001]

They were safe enough to use on my extra-delicate tresses because Platinum Seamless extensions are very light, and attach to your own hair with a tiny gel adhesive — so flat and thin that it’s undetectable beneath even the skinniest strands like mine. And they feel so good I can’t help touching them throughout the process (though I know I’m not supposed to!).

Loni Venti Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions

Courtesy Loni Venti

To finish, Ryan curled it with this scary-looking but genius double-barrel curling contraption just for fun. He told me not to wash it for 48 hours and to come back in six to eight weeks for a re-do. I’m lucky enough to get the bestie/family discount, but the whole shebang can cost anywhere from $200 to $2000 (depending on your salon and how much hair you get).

The verdict: Um, look at my hair! It’s totally worth it! They look and feel exactly like my hair, but better. I constantly get compliments and no one can even tell I have extensions. To style it, Ryan (pictured with me below) taught me to blow-dry without a brush and then wrap it all (all that mermaid hair!) around a curling wand. It’s seriously so easy. I’m addicted and would recommend it to anyone dreaming of Gisele hair (but not willing to have a Gisele-size team on hand).

Loni Venti Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions

Courtesy Loni Venti

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