What it is: An eyeshadow-like product that brushes on roots to conceal them

Who tried it: Alissa Rosenhaft, Senior Photo Editor

Why she did it: Her grays were coming in faster than she could make it to the salon

How crazy is it on a scale from one to Kim Kardashian’s blood facial? A one. The color is temporary (it comes out with a wash) and doesn’t require a skilled hand.

I used to get my color done every eight weeks, and since the color I get is so close to my natural shade, my roots were only ever super-noticeable that last week before I went to the salon.

But over the past year, I’ve started getting a bunch of grays, which means that when my roots start to come in, you can see them from a mile away. (I’m exaggerating, but only a little bit.) Just a couple weeks after I walk out of the salon with my freshly-colored hair, I’m already avoiding looking at my part line in the bathroom mirror.

I was recently in Style Director Andrea Lavinthal’s office complaining about my predicament (I don’t have the spare time or spare cash to start going to a salon every two weeks!) when she interrupted me and handed me an eye shadow palette. At least, I thought it was an eye shadow palette, until she explained that it’s a product called Color Wow, which gets “brushed” on roots to disguise them and lasts until you wash it out. (It’s available at Ulta and on

I ran to the bathroom at work, tried it out, marveled at myself in the mirror for a minute (OK, a full five minutes), went back to my desk, called my salon and cancelled my hair color appointment for the following day. Yeah, it’s that good.

Color Wow comes in four shades (I used the medium brown), and it works to conceal grown-out highlights as well: Senior Style Editor Zoë Ruderman used a combination of the light brown and blonde shades when she was desperate for a touch-up, but couldn’t get an appointment.

Of course, I’m still planning to hit up the salon every two months for the single process (Color Wow is just a temporary fix, after all), but now I won’t have to avoid looking in mirrors between appointments.