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From chokers to overalls to hair scrunchies, long-loved ’90s trends have been coming back in full force. Beauty-wise this summer, it’s all about that glitter and glow.

At first, you might experience some PTSD from the days you tried to recreate Britney Spears‘ 1999 “…Baby One More Time” Tour body glitter, but trust us. There’s a new grown-up way to accomplish some shimmer on your body without looking like you’re ready for a rave.

With all of the highlighting, illuminating and strobing products on the market right now, you can accomplish your own JLo and Kim Kardashian-inspired shimmer that isn’t scary. I took these plethora of products on the market as the perfect opportunity to live my truest, glowiest self for a few weekends โ€”  just like stars.

WHAT: Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

PRICE: $42

Courtesy Cover FX

HOW I USED IT: When I dropped less than a pea-sized amount of this illuminator on the back of my hand, my jaw dropped at the amount of metallic shine I saw as I swatched it out. The formula boasts its ability to mix well with other liquid products (think foundation, moisturizer and lotion), so I went that route to avoid looking like a complete tin man. I put about three drops of the shade ‘Moonlight’ into the palm of my hand with some body lotion, swirled the concoction together and rubbed it onto my legs.


HOW IT WORKED: After my initial impression of the product, I was surprised to see how natural the illuminating drops looked on my skin mixed in with lotion. The champagne-gold shade gave my legs the perfect bronze tint, plus a gorgeous glow that looked like I just left the beaches of Bora Bora. Bonus: Adding the Custom Enhancer drops to my routine didn’t irritate my finicky dry skin, like some products do.

Kaitlyn Frey

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WHAT: Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil

PRICE: $98

Tom Ford

HOW I USED IT: This non-sticky dry oil comes with a spray pump, which made application super easy. To get the modern day version of Britney’s late-90s look, I spritzed some of my chest, dรฉcolletage and shoulders after I got dressed. I started by rubbing the product in with my hands, but quickly switched over to patting it in with a bodyblender to avoid shiny palms.


HOW IT WORKED: Somehow magically, the oil absorbed into my skin almost instantly and didn’t leave any oily residue. I loved how my top half had an obvious glow without looking overtly greasy or sweaty (a big ‘no, no’ in my book). If the hefty price tag makes you wary, this oil is infused with Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc fragrance, so it doubles as a perfume. That night, I didn’t wear any other fragrance on my body, and my boyfriend couldn’t stop telling me how good I smelled.

Kaitlyn Frey

WHAT: The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

PRICE: $22

The Body Shop

HOW I USED IT: Since this oil didn’t come with a pump, I shook some product out straight onto a bodyblender (I learned my lesson the first time) and buffed it into my skin. Unlike the Tom Ford oil, I applied this one before my clothes since I was wearing a white top I couldn’t stand to get dirty. This time, I focused the most product on my shoulders, since I wanted to show off that area wearing my off-the-shoulder blouse.


HOW IT WORKED: Compared to the other products I used, I didn’t get as much of a shimmer to my skin as I did a radiant glow. My skin instantly looked tanner than it did before, and that day at a family dinner, everyone kept telling me how tan I looked. When the sun did hit my shoulder just right, I saw a pretty, subtle shine. The best part: There was no leftover tinted oil that transferred over onto my top!

Kaitlyn Frey

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WHAT: Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body

PRICE: $65

Charlotte Tilbury

HOW I USED IT: For a day at the lake, I wanted my legs to beam like I was Gisele Bรผndchen walking down the runway sat a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I rolled the product down both legs and rubbed in the glowy lotion so they had the most intense (yet sophisticated) level of shine I’ve ever seen on myself.


HOW IT WORKED: While this product didn’t get me as much bronze color as some of the others, it did provide the most visible, long-lasting effects. My friends commented on how luminous my legs looked every time the sun hit them just right, even after swimming in the water all day. The product’s name says it all: You will most definitely feel like an supermodel version of yourself anytime you lather this on.

Kaitlyn Frey

WHAT: Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Oil

PRICE: $48


HOW I USED IT: I used the dropper to place pea-sized droplets of the oil down each of my arms, blending it all in with my bodyblender on hand. After putting on my swimsuit, I also focused the oil on my chest and dรฉcolletage for my shimmery, sun kissed beach day look. The product has the signature Moroccanoil scent too, which instantly got me in the mood to lounge in the sun.


HOW IT WORKED: Immediately upon applying this oil, my skin exuded the most beautiful bronzy sheen. This one felt the most sticky out of all the body oils, so I recommend using it on a pool or beach day you plan on wearing minimal clothing. Although the product looks somewhat glittery in the bottle, don’t worry. The shimmers blend seamlessly into the skin – making it so you can use that #nofilter hashtag whenever you please.

Kaitlyn Frey

WHAT: IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination SPF 50+

PRICE: $38

IT Cosmetics

HOW I USED IT: On a day when I didn’t want a total full-body gleaming look, I decided to try out this illuminating CC cream on the exposed areas of my upper half. On top of using it on my face, I rubbed it all over my chest, neck and shoulders with my hands. The result: a super-subtle glow, perfect for those who want to dip their toes into the body shimmer scene.


HOW IT WORKED: This illuminating version of IT Cosmetics’ ultra famous CC cream is built in with Drop of Light Technology to give a barely there radiance to the skin. Not only does the cream provide some sheen, it also covers up any imperfections without transferring onto your clothes. Trust, my white shirt looked just as crisp and clean in the evening as it was when I put it on that morning.

Kaitlyn Frey

Would you try out any body oils or shimmers for a summery glow? Let us know below.

— Kaitlyn Frey

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