Jillian Ruffo
April 07, 2016 10:06 PM

What It Is: Balmain Hair Couture, the luxurious hair products created by Balmain, the fashion house adored by the Kardashians and celebrities galore

Who Tried It: Jillian Ruffo, Associate Beauty Editor

Why I Did It: Balmain’s Creative Director Olivier Rousteing dresses some of the biggest celebs in Hollywood — just take a look at any given runway and you’re basically guaranteed to see a handful of stars decked in one of Olivier Rousteing‘s elaborate designs. So when the esteemed fashion house launched a line of hair products, I had to try them out for myself. No, their clothing may not be within my budget, but my hair is just as capable of joining the #Balmainarmy.

Level of Difficulty: 0

Courtesy Jillian Ruffo

After marveling over Balmain’s Hair Couture campaign ads shot on supermodels like Devon Windsor and Cindy Bruna, and seeing celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin using the products on the Kardashians all over Snapchat, I was excited to give them a try. And let’s just say it’s the fanciest I’ve ever felt while washing my hair.

Here’s what I got my hands on: The Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, Repair Mask and Argan Moisturizing Elixir and Pre Styling Cream. I then cleared my night and mentally prepared to cleanse my hair in true A-list style.

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What exactly does a $34 shampoo have to offer? After getting over the fact that it wasn’t free of sulfates (which have the potential to strip my color-treated hair), I pumped a good amount into my palm and got to work. I was immediately hit with one of the best in-shower scents that I’ve smelled to date — and trust me, I’ve tested a lot of shampoo. I closed my eyes and convinced myself that I was in the chicest hair salon in Paris — but after rinsing, I was abruptly reminded that I was still in my (very small) N.Y.C apartment bathroom, and my hair was actually feeling a little dry.

Enter the conditioner. I doused my hair in the equally fancy smelling stuff, left it on for about 30 seconds, and rinsed to reveal soft, freshly conditioned strands. The texture wasn’t superior to the other half-used bottles in my shower, but smooth nonetheless. Then, the true test: The repair mask, my favorite category. I smoothed a handful from midshaft of my head to ends, and let it sit. After rinsing, I was left with just the amount of softness I like, without that heavy, weighed-down feeling. Success.

Next up, the blowout. I applied the pre-styling cream all over, which left me with a sticky, almost-waxy texture that I had to convince myself not to not panic over. My whole blowout took about 35 minutes, and being that my thick, frizzy hair typically takes me 45 minutes to blow straight, I was thrilled that I had 10 minutes to spare (win!). After smoothing a few drops of the argan oil throughout my strands, I was left with a super-soft version of my usually very dry hair.

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The Verdict: Overall, I was happy with the way my hair felt after my blowout. Sure, I wish that the shampoo was sulfate-free, but I was pleasantly surprised by the silky texture I was left with, and the fact that my strands didn’t puff up halfway through the day. The price is a bit high, but the bottles are on the larger side, so you’re getting a decent bang for your buck. Oh, and the fragrance? It’s by far the winning factor — and being that I’ll most likely never have the chance to wear actual Balmain, I’ll stick with the hair products until further notice.

Would you try Balmain’s Hair Couture products? Tell us below!

— Jillian Ruffo

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