December 19, 2013 08:19 PM

Courtesy Whitney LIttle

What is it: The Clarisonic Pedi, the beloved skincare line’s new pedicure system

Who tried it: Whitney Little, Associate Producer

Why she did it: I love the Clarisonic for my face, but I am a lot harder on my feet. Don’t they deserve the same attention?

How crazy is it on a scale from one to Kim Kardashian’s blood facial?: 2. At-home spa products are nothing revolutionary, but using what looks like my usual facial brush on my feet was a weird concept. Warning: If you’re foot-phobic, the demo vine below may ruin your day.

With Clarisonic facial brushes, it’s simple: You apply a cleanser and then scrub with the brush for a minute. Voila! All done. The pedicure system, however, is a whole different ballgame. The set comes with two brush heads (one smoothing disc, one buffer), an exfoliating scrub, a lotion and a serum. A bit overwhelmed, I spent a chunk of time studying the directions before finally diving in.

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I started with the smoothing disc, which should be used on your dry feet twice weekly. This was the most exciting (is that the right word?) part of the experience for me, as it’s pretty effective at getting rid of dead skin and calluses without feeling super-abrasive. Then it was time to wet my feet and apply the Pedi-Buff scrub to my soles, using the buffing head for two minutes. (Note: The timer on this was a little more difficult to manage than the facial brushes — it was hard to tell when the two minutes was up, as it didn’t shut off automatically, but it’s really up to you to know when your feet feel smooth enough.)

Then came time for the difficult part: applying the Pedi-Boost (twice weekly). Sure, it’s easy to rub serum on the soles of my feet, but having to wait 3-5 minutes for it to absorb before applying the Pedi-Balm lotion caused me to become extremely antsy. Once that part was over, I slipped on some cozy socks to lock in the moisture while I slept.

The Verdict: My feet feel amazing! After using the system for a few weeks, my usual dry winter heels are virtually nonexistent.

The main obstacle I ran into with this product was logistics. Unsure of where to perform the process, I originally sat on the edge of my bathtub from start to finish. Now that I know the smoothing disc doesn’t make a mess, I could use it anywhere, and then follow up with the buffing head in the shower.

It’s a little time-consuming at first, but now that I’m familiar with the tools, I’m totally hooked. And although the price is a little steep ($199), it’s good enough that I plan save money by skipping my weekly pedicure trips in the summer — it’s that good.

Would you try this? What’s your favorite soft-feet secret in the winter? Tell us in the comments.

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