May 30, 2017 04:55 PM

If you don’t know who Aisha Francis is, you sure know her moves.

The celebrity choreographer has created routines for everyone from Rihanna to Jason Derulo, as well as Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. In fact, she’s basically known as the go-to when a star needs to learn how to dance like a boss in heels. So, when the opportunity arose to learn from the master herself at BandAid’s #StickWithIt event, two PEOPLE staffers — Music Editor Janine Rubenstein and Deputy Style Director Sharon Kanter — jumped at the chance to channel their inner Beys and get grooving. (The heels stayed at home.)

When we first met Francis, we were ready to be transformed totally into Beyoncé backup dancers. After all, Francis was one for many years. (Yes, she is who is responsible for “Crazy in Love.” And for “Soldier.” And for so many other iconic moves!) We were all in — we had our coordinating outfits and attitude ready to go.

Francis started the class by teaching us a few eight-counts of a routine, slowly going one by one through the dance moves. There were step-ball-changes. There were jazz hands. There were arm pushes.

Then we put the whole combination to some music. We thought we looked like this:

… and this.
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Alas, we did not. See all the video proof in the video above.

Watch the video above for the whole custom dance how-to. 

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