What's it like working out alongside the veteran Victoria's Secret Angel? Sweaty, serious and totally inspiring
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What Is It: Aerobox, a cardio-toning combo created by Adriana Lima’s longtime trainer, Michael Olajide, Jr. of Aerospace High Performance Center in N.Y.C.

Who Tried It: Catherine Kast, Staff Editor

Level of Difficulty (from 1 to impossible): It depends on your fitness level. It’s hard no matter what. See how much Adriana is sweating in the video above? And she does this every day — literally.

Working out next to a Victoria’s Secret Angel is totally intimidating: It’s Adriana’s job to be fit, and she takes it seriously. She’s put her model bod in former pro-boxer Olajide’s hands for more than 10 years (she’s walked in the VS show for 17 years!). He even helped her get runway-ready just eight weeks after having her daughter Sienna in 2012. Though she currently spends most of her time in Miami, this type of workout is her go-to, and she never takes a break.

“I don’t work out just for the fashion show,” she says of prepping for this year’s runway (the show airs tonight at 10 pm on CBS). “I work out for me.”

Though Lima herself occasionally exercises for multiple hours a day, Olajide created a 45-minute workout for us so I could get a sense of her main practicum.

To do the workout on your own (Olajide has a few DVDs), all you need is an inexpensive jump rope, a resistance band and gliding discs—no weights required!

Adriana and I warmed up for about three minutes with some dynamic stretching to prep the body for five minutes of jump-roping, which Olajide calls the “perfect” exercise. “It’s one of nature’s most beneficial workouts,” he says.

Olajide then alternates five-minute sets of toning (using the resistance bands and gliding discs) with 3-5 minute jump rope sets, and ends the session with a choreographed five-to-eight-minute shadowboxing set.

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The Verdict: It’s easy to see why this workout gets results: It’s a total body workout and a total brain workout. You’re combining cardio with strength training, and it requires laser focus. Just try jump-roping when you’re distracted or attempting a choreographed set of shadowbox punches if you’re zoned out. It won’t work.

Lima says that the core is the part of her body she’s most proud of right now, and this workout is ideal for getting tight abs. Even though you’re not explicitly doing ab exercises (no crunches here), your core is tight and definitely working just because it has to support the quick movements of the arms and legs.

Tell us: What do you think of Adriana’s workout? Would you try it yourself?