February 20, 2014 11:23 PM

Courtesy Andrea Lavinthal

What it is: A one-woman, one-room spa with a six month waiting list of Very Important People
Who tried it: Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director
Why she did it: See above where it says “six month waiting list”
Level of pain: Nada, but I’m one of those weird people who enjoys extractions.

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If you’re a regular “We Tried It” reader (and really, who isn’t?), then you already know how I feel about facials. Whether it’s at a fancy-schmancy spa or in my own bathroom, I’m all for making my skin look smooth and glow-y. So when my friend emailed me with the news that Isabelle Bellis, a big-time facialist with whom you can never get an appointment (her client list is top-secret), had a rare last-minute opening that afternoon, I canceled all of my meetings and headed to the Upper East Side.

Bellis’s HQ feels like your coolest friend’s apartment, not a spa (see the pic above!) — and her French accent makes things feel even more chic. After I filled out a lengthy questionnaire about my skin, Bellis lead me to the treatment room where she kicked things off with a guided meditation. I’m not usually into that kind of thing but when a pretty French lady is telling you to relax your toes and relieve your mind of stress, it’s hard not to cooperate.

From then on it was all about massaging my face to increase blood and oxygen supply to the skin. She even put her fingers in my mouth to relieve tension in my cheeks, which felt weird but not unpleasant. While insanely thorough (I swear she inspected every single pore on my face) her extractions barely pinched. I have no idea what else she did for the rest of the hour and a half, but when she was done my skin looked the best I’ve ever seen it, and that was with a hint of redness from the extractions.

She sent me home with a bottle of L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil, but not before giving me a demo on how to properly apply it (put a tiny dab in your hands, rub them together, then pat your palms gently around the perimeter of your face working your way in).

The most impressive part of my appointment is what happened after I went home: My skin maintained its clear and radiant status for over a week, as opposed to the day or so I get with other facials. Consider myself the newest member of Bellis’s miles-long wait list.

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