One editor puts a butt lifter to the test


Courtesy Gillian Morales

What it is: Shapewear that promises to give your butt a lift [I’m holding it in the photo above, along with the before (center) and after (right) back views!]

Who tried it: Gillian Morales-Fraietta, Associate Fashion Editor

Why she did it: Because I’m a new mom whose body can use a lift in more places than I care to admit

As soon as I became a mom, shapewear took on a whole new meaning in my world, and as much as I hate to admit it, I have a drawer dedicated to different miracle workers. I have always used shapewear to flatten and smooth out certain parts of my body (and by certain parts I’m referring to my troublesome thighs), but never to lift. Then I had my daughter and well, a little thing called gravity came into my life along with her.

When the “Booty Bra” made its way into our offices, I had to try it. The name alone had me intrigued. My first thought when I saw it: This thing can’t be comfortable. It has a thick strap that goes right down the middle of your backside (the same way a thong does), but this strap is wide. I imagined I’d feel like someone gave me a major wedgie, and would look like that too. But if something is promising to lift, tighten or hide, you can always count me in.

We Tried It Spanx Booty Bar

Courtesy Gillian Morales

[Editor’s Note: Three editors stood around a computer just to rave about how pert Gillian’s behind looks in the “after” photo, right]

So, I tried it. Might I note, I didn’t just “try it.” I really put it to the test and wore it all day long. I could not believe how comfortable it was. The only time I felt any discomfort was when I changed into my pajamas at the end of the day and forgot I still had it on. But I have to be honest, even if it was uncomfortable, if it made my booty look good (which it did!), I’d wear it all day every day.

The first thing I noticed when I looked in the mirror was that my butt looked perky. It was visibly higher. There was actually a “lift” and I was genuinely surprised. Nothing can be more disappointing than putting on shapewear with the hope of seeing a difference and instead — nada. This was not the case. So far, I was happy.

Now I needed outside opinions. I asked my mom and husband if they noticed a difference and if my butt looked perky. My husband responded “Your butt always looks perky.” Well played, Sir, well played. But he wasn’t helping, so I turned to my mom. Now this is the difference between a woman and a man. She made me take it off and do a “before and after” fashion show for her. She confirmed it was definitely perkier and also asked if I could get her one.

Final Verdict:
It delivers, and the name “Booty Bra” is so very fitting. It’s a push-up bra for your bum.

What shapewear have you had success with? Would you test out the Booty Bra like Gillian? Share your thoughts, and see what other trends editors are trying, below!