One editor discovered a great new hair treatment and you're going to want to try it!

By Brittany Talarico
Updated October 24, 2013 02:55 PM

Courtesy Zoë Ruderman

What it is: A customized treatment designed to repair damage caused by tools, coloring and basically every other bad thing one can do to her hair

Who tried it: Senior Style Editor Zoë Ruderman

Why she did it: It’s impossible to say no to anything that has cashmere in the name (plus, my hair was in need of some TLC after being highlighted).

How crazy is it on a scale from one to Kim Kardashian’s blood facial: Two. It’s done at a salon while you’re sitting at the hair-washing sink and you’d never know anything out of the ordinary was going on if they didn’t tell you (except that it takes longer and leaves your hair softer).

I first heard about cashmere hair treatments from my colorist at Eiji Salon in N.Y.C. (the same salon where I got my dry haircut). She explained that it was designed to repair pretty much any sort of damage inflicted on your hair. She listed all of the kinds of damage it fixes and why it’s such a great treatment, but I’d stopped listening as soon as I heard cashmere and was deep in a daydream of my hair being wrapped turban-style in a soft camel-colored V-neck sweater.

Since sweater weather is one of my favorite meteorological phenomenons and I was very into the idea of my hair being enveloped in a luxe, cozy cardigan, I obviously said yes to the treatment.

Turns out, I wasn’t paying attention at all. There’s no cashmere sweater involved.

What is involved, however, is still pretty cool. After I got my color done, my hair was washed, then coated in something called “Noiraudepro,” which contains ingredients to boost elasticity and strengthen strands, something to bind keratin together and a formula that breaks down residual peroxide (from coloring). There’s also stuff that leaves the hair softer, shinier and less frizzy.

The amount of time you sit with your head in the sink letting the treatment soak in all depends on how damaged your hair is. I sat for 20 minutes, because I was told that my hair is mildly damaged. (Note: While not ideal in regards to cars, eBay items and dating prospects, “mildly damaged” in reference to hair is actually pretty impressive. I felt like bragging to my friends and adding it to my Twitter bio.)

After the soaking, the stuff got washed out, my hair got blown out and I headed home, bouncing my super-soft hair all the way there.

The verdict: Did my head feel like it was wearing a cashmere sweater? No. Did my hair feel smoother and healthier? I think so. And a couple weeks later, when I was getting my hair and makeup done for a Joyus shoot (see photo above!), the hairstylist started brushing and exclaimed, “Your hair is in such good condition! It’s so healthy!” No likening it to cashmere, but I’ll take it.