Is a bra meant to conceal armpit fat worth the money?

Courtesy Callie Petsch

What is it: A bra that’s supposed to conceal your armpit fat (see the “befores” on the left and “afters” on the right, above)

Who tried it: Callie Petsch, Fashion Assistant

Why she did it: To get rid of underarm bulge/armpit fat and to get a smoother look under clothing.

How crazy is it? Depends on how much you hate armpit fat.

When I heard about Warner’s “No Side Effects” bra I knew I had to try it. Especially since spring and summer are upon us and there will clearly be sleeveless tops in my future. The bra claims to get rid of “sleeve-age” or what I like to call the dreaded “armpit fat.” (Jennifer Lawrence has her own slightly off-color term for this phenomenon.) Yes, armpit fat is a real thing and it is not cute. Not only is this bra supposed to get rid of sleeve-age but it claims to give you a more smooth look under clothing.

After trying on the “No Side Effects” bra my attention was drawn to a few things. First was the extra fabric on the sides that is meant to cover the “bulge.” Second, the adjustable portions of the straps are located on the front of the bra rather than the back — the better to custom-fit the underarm concealers, I guess.

At first, I was very aware of the bra and could feel the additional fabric rubbing the sides of my arms as I moved. After about 30 minutes or so I forgot about it and felt as though it had formed more to my body. I think the idea of being able to adjust the straps of your bra from the front is an amazing idea and makes adjustments so much easier, especially if your straps tend to loosen up as the day goes on. And let’s be honest, the awkward angles that you have to twist your arms into in order to reach the adjustable part of normal bra straps is just plain tiring.

The Verdict: Overall, I noticed a slight difference. If nothing else, I think this is a great everyday bra. It is extremely soft, comfortable and practically invisible underneath my clothing. You also can’t go wrong with the price tag ($38). Moral of the story, if I worked harder at the gym/actually went to the gym would I be able to avoid the “sleeve-age/armpit fat” situation? Most likely. Is that going to happen? I mean, I’m working on it. But for the time being this is a quick and easy fix!