The singer didn't know what a crop top was (no, we're not kidding)

He may have a Ph.D. in talking dirty, but Jason Derulo’s style vocabulary is not as extensive. We interviewed the singer at Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show in Miami this weekend and gave him a little pop quiz on some of the big female trends right now. How’d he do? Watch the clip below.

At the 1:40-minute mark, PEOPLE Features Director Zoë Ruderman asks Derulo the first thing that pops into his head when he hears “crop tops.” The singer candidly answers, “I don’t know what that is.” After we define the skin-baring shirt for him, Derulo then gives the look his stamp of approval. “That’s hot,” he tells PEOPLE Now.

One trend he’s familiar with is the all-sheer-everything look that stars can’t get enough of lately. But he doesn’t think it works for everyone.

“It depends on the person,” he explains. “If you got it tight and you got it right, you should flaunt it.”

When it comes to fanny packs, however, Derulo takes a firm stance. “If you’re going jogging, or hiking or something, but not any other time.”

What did we find out about Derulo’s personal style? Glad you asked. He has a designer in France who custom-makes his tank tops, and his high-top sneaker collection is so large, that the shoes don’t fit in one closet.

Do you think most guys know what crop tops are? What do you think of Derulo’s fashion insight? Sound off below.

–Brittany Talarico